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abbeylee90 | 03:23 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Business & Finance
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I'm really struggling financially and don't get paid till next Friday. How do I get money?



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So it seems, Abbey , that you haven't been underpaid after all. Unfortunately there may be no big tax rebate to help boost your finances, so your focus now has to be on finding a full time job or a second part time job, and cutting back on spending including takeaways, nails, bottomless brunches and driving lessons for the forseeable future
21:54 Wed 07th Feb 2024
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sell some of your extensive wardrobe on vinted 

Ask your mum.

Go fund me ?

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If you are struggling for money the first thing to curtail is the nights out.

Invest in a credit card possibly, but be very careful how you use it, as it's very easy to run up enormous debts - you should aim to clear it each month when you get a statement of account.

Good luck.

I'd reckon invest in sensibility Canary, but that won't happen 🤣

Find out why you're only being paid £153 per week when you earn £220?


Cut down on the nights out/new clothes/fake tan/fake nails/Domino's/Chinese takeaways?

Surely, Abbey, at age 31 or thereabouts, living at home with parents, you must have some back-up, savings in bank?  If not, ask your parents who seem to provide for you and tolerate your way of life.

Abbey, ABers advised you weeks ago that you should make sure that you are on the right tax code as it looked as if you were paying too much. I think too that you hadn't got your P45 from the previous job, and I don't know if you got that resolved? It's not good to ignore things like this - sometimes you have to  do your bit to sort them!

PS I'm sure you know there is no quick and easy fit to 'How do I get money?'. 

... I forgot to add that you've been working only part-time for months and months now, obviously not good for your finances!

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I'm looking for full but all places like cleaning jobs retails unless your a manager are part time.

Need money for my driving lessons.

Forget about driving lessons for now - until you find good full-time work, you'll never be able to afford a car and all the running expenses.

You are in no position to borrow money from either and will me in a much worse position in a few months than you are now.

You curtail your spending - that means no more spending on non-essentials, postponing your driving lessons, no more pubs and meals out, no more concerts and gigs.

You sell your things you no longer want or need.

You get another job working evening and weekends if necessary.

You are in a much better position than many people who have run out of money.  For some it means no money for essential bills like gas, electricity, rent, no money for clothes for the their children and no money for food.

It's time to knuckle down and get on top of things.

Driving lessons are not important, also how many lessons have you had? since you have been on here you must have had dozens! That's not cheap.

Sort out your salary is a start - you may be due a refund - if what you are telling us is true.

I don't understand why you are hung up on getting a full time job - go for 2 part time jobs.  you currently work mon. tues. wed - why not get a job friday and saturday?  Restaurants, cafes etc look for 'bottle washers/kitchen porters for their busiest times.

That would give you 2 days off a week.

Of course you could continue the way you are living with your mum wondering why you have no money, no boyfriend and no life - or you could pull up your big girl pants and do something about it.

Sorry Barry your response was not there when I started typing.

I thought you got paid weekly because you've said you're only receiving £120 -150 pw net .

If you're paid weekly you should still have most of the pay from 48 hours ago.

You don't seem to be taking our advice about sorting out your tax codes.

Sadly you're paying the price now for all your past spending on a selection of handbags and outfits and expensive takeaways and bottomless brunches. You need to save more during the good times in future.

You're also paying the price for leaving or being released from well paid jobs where you don't seem fully committed and willing to take on challenges ...being on AB at work so often, not listening to or absorbing advice and instructions, or taking unpaid leave or just not turning up... that's never going to end well.

Do you pay any keep/ board to your parents? If not you'll need to make some big changes to be able to afford your own place. 

Is there a chance of getting more hours at the laundry. If not then look for parttime work on a couple of days to supplement your income.   Ask at McDonald's, HB, B&m  ...and don't make excuses like you normally do ( ' they work you too hard', ' supervisor didn't like me'...

Good luck with finding a full time job.

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