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Static Caravan - Good Investment?

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barry1010 | 17:57 Wed 17th Nov 2021 | Business & Finance
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Is it worth buying a static caravan on a well known, popular site with a view to making money by renting it out?
Your experience, views and advice would be appreciated


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No. You’ll never make enough money by renting it out, to pay the annual fees the site will want from you, especially if you want to use it yourself at times.
Question Author
We wouldn't be using it ourselves. Thanks for the link, bookbinder
Definitely not. They will promise that they will rent it out for you, but somehow rent their own out first, plus too many extras. Father in law had two. Never made a bean profit. Eventually lost thousands.
Consider all the outgoings involved...annual site fees, insurance, cost of having someone clean it after each rental, gas, electricity, etc.
Join a forum, you’ll get lots of advice, mainly against.
Many site owners have as part of their contract a clause that requires caravan owners to buy a new caravan every few years. Site owners say this is to keep standards of appearance at a high level.
In the town where I live (a seaside resort) the site owners insist that caravans are replaced new every five years - and the caravans can only be bought from the site owners, who have a franchise to sell a specific brand of static caravan.
It's all sewn up.
The owners of the caravans never make any money. They use their vans for a fortnight holiday in the summer, and a long weekend at Easter, and they rent out their vans when they are not using them to try to recoup some of the money spent, but they rarely break even.
waste of money
I told my mother before she invested and she lost thousands too
Well, barry, the census of opinion is you'll never get anywhere with a static caravan :-)
@18.19.Joke of the day......Well i laughed...
Question Author
Thanks all. A few days ago I saw an ad for a caravan rental and couldn't believe the amount they were charging. More than I pay for the apartment I rent when we go on holiday.
// Father in law had two. Never made a bean profit. Eventually lost thousands.//

oops obviously a bad idea - listen to the fella
Definitely not. Been there for the T shirt. Better off buying a few premium bonds.

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Static Caravan - Good Investment?

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