Learning To Be A Good Person

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Waingro | 13:51 Sat 23rd Oct 2021 | Business & Finance
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Have been reading a lot about the education/disciplinary process that professional financial accreditation bodies use. They teach you an ethics course. If you do bad things they make you take another ethics course.
I see a place for ethics education. We do after all teach our children that it's right eg to respect people and not to hit them. But if you hit 20 and beat someone up they don't give you a course and an exam. They put you in jail.
It seems that for eg financial advisers the professional bodies either don't get or want to shy away from the idea that some people are bad and or will routinely do bad things (eg lying/fraud). It's in some peole's nature. Shouldn't they just be more prepared to throw out the bad apples?


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Have you done one
or just looked at it
I passed mine ( but failed adding n fings)

class doo-dah - where you say - there is a contract and you MUST give advice in the interests of the payer
( which I agree isnt kinda effix)

I thought it was quite a good idea
the FCA is so bad ( another two failed cases last week) that it may well be all change

Nothing like SEC which seems to know what it is about
Is there a course for MPs ?

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Learning To Be A Good Person

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