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eve1974 | 11:26 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Business & Finance
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I’ve need help understanding a portion of a bank statement plz.

I’ve been sent a screen shot so can’t see total page.

7 columns
1st: funds transfer
2nd the sort code and account number on top with funds transfer written below
3rd: non ref
4th: debit
5th:25 oct
6th blank
7th: -£446


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I can only guess, but did you transfer £446 our of the account yesterday? (Or have a direct debit that does it automatically?)
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What I don’t know Jno is in column 2 if it means it’s come TO that account or FROM.
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I’ll try show it better below;


49-22-33 1234567
Funds transfer
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Obv I’ve made up the account num / sort
1st:You have transferred funds.

2nd: Is it your sort code and acc number? If so then this is the account the money has been transferred FROM. If it is not your sort code and acc number, then this is the account the funds hvae been transferred TO

3rd The Transferor/Transferee has not provided a reference number

4th it was a debit not a credit

5th Date of Transfer

7th Amount transferred -as its a negative I would presume this has been transferred OUT of your account.

The word 'debit' tells you it's been taken from your account.
sounds like it's from your account, not into it.

My bank statements say "to" or "from" with each sum transferred, which helps.
That’s a difficult one! If, in the 2nd column, the sort code and account number is not one of your own accounts it would appear that £446 has been transferred to that account (detailed in Column 2) without a reference being quoted.
If the account (in column 2) is yours then you would need to ask the Bank where the money has been transferred.
There’s not a corresponding credit for that amount as well is there? Sometimes these things are processed in genuine error.
However, if there is not and you have not authorised any payments then you should contact your Bank to get a full explanation straightaway rather than what sounds like being fobbed off and sent a screenshot without any details.
Just to add it could have been transferred from one of your accounts to another of your accounts in the same bank.
Wouldn't the 7th/last column, be your balance?
6th column should be credit. As that isn't listed.
Surely, across, it reads,
Amounts, account, ref, debit, date, credit and balance?
Weird order,but...
It would be really helpful to find out which bank it was!
Mine always gives balance too, that must be the last column?
The change to balance should tell you. Can you look online as the online banking is usually clear

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