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jennyjoan | 11:24 Fri 19th May 2017 | Business & Finance
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I have just received a letter from a certain charity that I have been donating to for about 15 years they have asked me in the letter would I mind doubling the money.

I have always said that if I receive a begging letter like that I would stop support altogether - would you.


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^^^^^wrong category - should have been in chatterbank
Cancer research rang me asking the same. I cancelled my subscription, really annoyed me, a shame because it's a good cause, but in future I will give to collectors in the street, I will never sign up to one again.
It depends. If you haven't increased your monthly donation in 15 years it seems fair enough to me. You can always say no and tell them not to ask you again.

Air Ambulance recently contacted me and asked me to increase my donation which I was happy to do as I hadn't increased it over the years. I normally increase monthly payments by 10% every 5 years.
No I wouldn't stop donating but i would'nt increase it unless I could afford it!
I don't like charities who 'tell' you what to contribute! They should be grateful for whatever you give them.
A letter, so you gave them your address ! Oh dear.

I gave up most charities that I contributed to via the Royal Mail when I changed address. I found most spread the word around that I was a sucker giving out money, and I was inundated. Worse, because there were so many, each got less than they otherwise would, and they wasted that by sending more begging letters and guilt gifts throughout the year. I doubt much went on the thing it was given for.

Now have a select few, and even they send "emergency appeals" for my recycling bin. IMO best to simply put something in the tin, anonymously, when you see one you approve of.
No, I wouldn't stop support, but it doesn't mean I'd double my donation either. I may give a little more though ...
no, I can't see any reason to abandon them. Obviously they need money, and if as hc says you haven't raised your donation for a long time, perhaps you might like to consider doing so. And if you don't want to, say no.
If I get any "begging" letters and they are kind enought to enclose a pre-paid envelope, then I return the complet bumf to them asking them to stop. If its a charity I tell them that I don't support any one charity over another.

My philosphy is that a company send a return paid envelope then it costs them money to send the stuff to me and money to receive my reply and they get no money from me.

If everybody did that they'd soon get the message!
I have done exactly that, and would do so again. However, to another charity I give on the strict understanding that they never contact me, and they never do. So, whenever I am feeling flush, I send them a monkey.
well I hope you all give with gift aid ?

giving in a will is also tax efficient

no I give to a charity because I agree with their charitable aims ( and they have low overheads oof less than 10% turn over)

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