Unauthorised Credit Card Charge

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iloveglee | 12:01 Fri 19th May 2017 | Business & Finance
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does anyone know what to do about a charge made to my credit card, which i had not authorised. this is not exactly fraud, as i have not had the card stolen, or hacked. i purchased a service from this company (taxi booking), for which i authorised the payment, plus any charge for a change to the booking. there was a voucher on offer for a £5 reduction in the price, which i accepted. the taxi payment went through, no problem. i received an e-mail suggesting i had subscribed to some rewards scheme, which i did not. then a payment for £25 has appeared on my card. i then looked at reviews for this company, and wish i had done so before using them. apparently you somehow, without being asked, sign up for the rewards scheme, for which there is a charge of £25, without any mention of paying for it. the terms and conditions of this company say they do not store credit card details, so how are they able to take further payments from your card, with no authorisation. i am not sure what they have done is illegal but it is definitely sharp practice. as i did not authorise this payment, is there any way of stopping them getting the money. apparently there is no refund of this from them. no-where in their terms and conditions, which i have read several times, is there any mention of this rewards scheme payment, and i cannot find any specific terms and conditions relating to it. nowhere on the website are you asked if you would like them to store your card details for future use. something i would never do anyway. has anyone had experience of this company (taxicodes)


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Firstly, contact the company and ask for a refund.
If that doesn't work, tell your credit card company.
Question Author
Apparently they don't refund even though you didn't agree to join and didn't know you were doing so. Accepting the £5 discount code was joining even though you had no idea that was happening. Guess I will have to phone credit card company. What joy.
It looks as tho you are gonna have to go downthe normal routes
appeal to the taxi company - ( even if they dont have one) as you will have to exhaust local remedies
and tell the credit card company the payment is disputed

after that you will probably have to go down the small claims route as actually I would .... complete rip off.... and they are doing it to other people. It is quite obvious you did not consent to the further payment and so you should get it back
that sounds like one for Trading Standards, if not the police.
Take a look at their trustpilot reviews (perhaps BEFORE using them!) are one of many......
Is this what you signed up for?
you need to keep a screen shot of that ( however s-shotting is done) as it has no mention of a charge
Nor is there anything, anywhere, that I can find on the site (including T&Cs and FAQs) that details the cost of the Rewards scheme - it's a very nasty bit of work indeed.
sunny-dave - the costs are in the link I posted
Not that I can see?
Apologies - it doesn't.
Taxicodes seems to be a member of ABTA - worth contacting them
The T&Cs are very wordy and woolly - the trick seems to be this ......

//To join us Use Voucher Code XXXXX//

Shoddy outfit.
Oh! Although they claim to be ABTA members, ABTA say they are not.
I seem to recall reading a similar thing from a different seller, at the end of a purchase there was an offer of a voucher with a similar outcome, ie the customer had 'agreed' to join a monthly fee.
Question Author
I did another test booking, except did not go through with it. you are offered the voucher for £5 off first booking. There is something that comes up about joining the rewards scheme, and how much it costs, but it does not make clear that the £5 off and the reward scheme are related. when making the booking, the £5 off code comes up automatically in a box, and you have to click on apply, for it to be taken off your booking cost. It is very very sharp practice indeed, as there is nowhere at all where you give authorisation for this to be taken from your credit card. I have, as mentioned, looked at the reviews, sadly after not before. I can see that there are many people who have been scammed inadvertently by this. also, it isnt just a one off, its a recurring payment apparently. I have opened up a help ticket with them about this, they send out an automated reply to say they will be in touch usually within 24 hours. needless to say 30 hours later, no response. on top of this, i still don't know if i am going to get a taxi as i have had no confirmation of the job. i am obviously going to have to put this payment into dispute with the credit card company, and hopefully get them to block any further applications for payment from this company. As far as ABTA are concerned, surely it is misrepresentation to show their logo as though they are members when apparently they are not. i have tried to ring them, but don't have a week to spare to wait for them to answer. i am so angry with myself for not checking them out before i used them, it is so difficult these days to get a minibus hire as most of them locally seem to link to this organisation. the idea is good, a bit like, saves having to contact many different suppliers of whatever it is you want, but they are not operating in a very fair and honest way. to be honest, having read their terms and conditions, if challenged in court, i would think they would constitute unfair terms.
I hope you get satisfaction with this, ilove......I can't offer any help but it's made me really cross reading what happened to you and so many others from the's nasty......
It needs putting right and I hope you can help to do that!...x
Question Author
i have spoken to the credit card company. this payment is in pending, and has not hit the card yet. i get a text alert whenever a payment is put through this is what made me know about it. they are holding it in this state, i.e. not on the card for payment until i can get it sorted with the company and get the payment withdrawn. i am not hopeful, i have opened a complaint with them about it but not heard anything. i still have a taxi booking with them, which i dont know if they can fulfil. a query about it simply generates an e-mail that says sorry for the inconvenience, we are finding a driver and will e-mail when we have found one. no answer to the question i asked which was how long will they allow before they realise they cannot fulfil the journey, and how much notice am i going to get if they have to cancel. the idea of the business is basically sound, but they way they operate it is dire. once the whole thing is sorted, i feel very inclined to report them to trading standards. this is something people who have made bad reviews say they plan to do, but don't know whether they actually go ahead and do it. somebody definitely should, they need putting out of business if this is the way they go about it.
"Oh! Although they claim to be ABTA members, ABTA say they are not."

"As far as ABTA are concerned, surely it is misrepresentation to show their logo as though they are members when apparently they are not."

This seemingly disreputable firm has made no claim of membership to ABTA (a trade association whose membership is the sole preserve of travel agencies and tour operators - not available to taxi firms or vehicle hirers such as Taxicode).

However it does claim to have subscribed as an ABTA Partner (a business services network open to suppliers of services to the travel industry) and has sported the logo of an ABTA Partner since its acceptance to the scheme in October 2014.

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Unauthorised Credit Card Charge

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