Pyramids, And Other Get-Rich-Quickly Schemes

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KARL | 10:16 Fri 19th May 2017 | Business & Finance
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A friend of mine living far away says he is going to try out "Network Marketing" which he connects with someone called Randy Gage from the USA. I have done a cursory google search which I based on the suspicion that this is a pyramid concept, my suspicion being in turn based on his loose description. Does anyone here know if my suspicion is correct - has anyone heard of this individual and his scheme ? I am urging my friend to be very careful but I have nothing to point to that would justify telling him categorically not to get involved.


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"Network Marketing" is just a new name for pyramid schemes. You can tell this because they spend a lot of effort trying to explain why it's not a pyramid scheme.

I'm not aware of the specific scheme, but anything that's "network marketing", ie that requires you to recruit new sellers as the main source of your income, is a pyramid scheme, and should be avoided like the plague.
you can see for yourself

bargepole - plague comes to mind if it means handing over moolah
Pyramid. It's just the initial few that get a return. Many hundreds thousands loose

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Pyramids, And Other Get-Rich-Quickly Schemes

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