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kelsolane | 17:12 Fri 22nd May 2015 | Business & Finance
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Hi all I sent a cheque to pay a bill which has been cashed however the person who I paid said that they never cashed the cheque what can I do thanks


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I think you would have to go back to your bank and they will have to do a trace.
Show him or her your cheque stub and bank statement which shows it has been cashed.
I am guessing that the cheque wasn't actually cashed but paid into a bank account? in which case the bank should know where it got paid to.
Inform and ask your bank for a copy of the cheque, when in your hands see if it has been altered in any way, if so inform the bank that fraud has taken place, if the cheque has been paid in by the correct person then inform them of the details on the cheque I.e. When and where paid in also obtain any out of pocket expenses from them.
cheque? you on the electric yet!?
I scan every cheque I write - no internet banking for me as I have been cloned and this comes up around once a year

so start scanning and for this one I think you have to go to the bank and say can they assist in this dispute/discussion
they should certainly know where the moolah went

since it is a cheque it is very likely to be a clerical mistake on behalf of the payee.

[ one cheque in thirty y was to my knowledge diverted ]
before you chain them up and shoot them a/c to kjn's advice
you need to exclude mistake

with a cheque this is more likely - and also bear in mind YOU might have made the mistake .... always possible.
( for me it gets more likely as I get older and dopier )
see Dee 2604's thread below this one on related threads
This happened to me. I checked with my bank who said they could do a trace but the fee would be £10. The cheque was for £10 for issue of Blue Badge which council said they had not received. I sent the council a copy of my cheque stub and statement and informed them that as far as I was concerned I had proved payment and if they wanted the cheque traced they would have to pay the fee. They accepted my evidence and my badge was issued. They still insisted they could not find an entry in their accounting system.

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Cheque Cashed

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