teaspoon in the bathroom

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mollykins | 10:27 Thu 15th Jul 2010 | Body & Soul
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This is something I've just remembered that happened on holiday, dad needed a teaspoon whilst in the bath!

It seemed hilarious and awkward so we never asked why, can you think of any reasons?


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To boil up his 'H' molly? Just a thought
Because his bath-water tastes better than the morning cuppa you make him ?
Does he have one at home?
Possibly just wondering if the "about a teaspoon" measurement is true.
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no forgetmenot, could it be something different about that bathroom to ours at home.

he didn't have tea there as the milk was 'funny'
He had dropped something down the loo, and didn't want to use his hand to fish it out.
maybe he had medicine to take, maybe he wanted to unblock the plughole - maybe he wanted to fish the last bit of the shampoo out the bottle, maybe he had new shave gel that said use a teaspoon worth.

Why don't you ask him?
Moly... .there are probably things a father and daughter should not share this may be one of those times....then again it might be completely innocent
Was he feeding his rubber Duck with it ?
maybe he had fashioned a raft out of the soap dish and needed a paddle ?
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Did he have Frog spawn and Tadpoles in there with him and they were blocking the Plug hole !
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It might be to do with the plug, mum and I had no problem lifting it up but he might have done.

He doesn't have a rubber ducky.

old geezer he was in the bath.

annie, when have you ever seen that?

doc, it was oscar wilde most of the time with a bit of stephen king.
''maybe he had fashioned a raft out of the soap dish and needed a paddle ?''

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Salla that reminds of something our expedition training instructor told us we might have to do if we have no paper . . . .
Oh go on.... enlighten us.

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teaspoon in the bathroom

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