Lately I’ve been having some really disturbing dreams. Can anyone help or give me some reasons why these things are happening or even possible what theses mean?

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cheeruplovebug | 23:40 Wed 14th Jul 2010 | Body & Soul
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Lately I’ve been having some really disturbing dreams. Dreams like getting stabbed and cut various times and no matter how hard I try I can never get away from the danger. The last couple dreams I have had were where I was getting stabbed and cut. My arms were all cut up and my throat cut, the person just kept taking stabs at me and there was nothing I could do. I swear I could actually feel the pain. The other one I had was where I was killing someone, they wouldn’t die so I kept on going, I won’t describe it as it still frightens me. I am not a violent person at all and can’t understand why I’m dreaming about this. I am I high school student and I have never had dreams like this before in my life. They all started to happen a week ago. I don’t see this being normal so it’s starting to really scare me. Can anyone help or give me some reasons why these things are happening or even possible what theses mean?


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Have you been playing video games like Call Of Duty?
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no i havne't :\ i do play games like that but its been awhile siince
doesnt mean a thing. And its because you keep thinking about it that you keep dreaming it.
Would you consider spending the night with Katie Price?
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um ew
Normally these dreams come up when you are eating too late at night.
Well I am an older type lady, I had those same kind of dreams, was almost afraid to go to sleep each night, they were violent, either me stabbing or visa versa. Since I know I was not resting well, I went to a sleep clinic, was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have a C-pac breathing machine which give me air pressure thru a mask. I sleep like a baby now and I have only normal dreams. Even teen agers could have sleep apnea.
I forgot to add, a few times when I found myself without my C-pac machine, slept without it, I went back to those awful dreams. I think they have something to do that you are not getting enought oxygen. Hope that you can be checked out.
I also suffer with bouts of nightmares. I generally put it down to stress. lately I have been taking some new medication and that seems to have triggered them again. Just see how it goes. Have you changed anything in your diet/medication/lifestyle that may be the reason for them?

They are very normal even though they are disturbing.

But in young people dreams with any kind of penetration regardless of wether it is violent or not are possibly sexual and may due to hormonal changes usually when there is a lot of anxiety or mixed feelings around sex... I wouls consider the sleep apnoea thing if you are overweight though.... it is more likely if you are ...
I get these from time to time. They're not plesant but they are just dreams, I wouldn't put too much stock in them.
i'll check my dream analysis book now for you .............................................
dream of bloodstained garments indicates that you have enemies that will seek to tear down a successful career that is opening up to you, the dreamer should be aware of a strange friendship after experiencing such a dream. To see blood on your hands denotes bad luck if you are not careful of your person and affairs.
to dream of a knife is bad for the dreamer, it portends quarrels and seperation and losses of affairs and buisness. To dream of stabbing another with a knife denotes baseness of character and you shoulod strive to cultivate a higher sense of right.
if I have wacky dreams it usually indicates I'm too hot; remove a blanket and the dreams go too. Might be worth a try.

(Me hot in bed... a likely story.)
I have had awful dreams too, in one of them I murdered someone I actually dislike in real life, murdered them and then wrapped them up like a frozen turkey lol, it frightened me at the time and I thought I was goin mad, but im still here and still sane!!! I had really disturbing ones recently where I kept dreaming my son was going missing and I couldnt find him, was awful.....In general I am an anxious person and put it down to anxiety...dont worry about it as it only makes it worse, try reading a book or magazine till you cant keep your eyes open anymore...usually works!

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Lately I’ve been having some really disturbing dreams. Can anyone help or give me some reasons why these things are happening or even possible what theses mean?

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