what type of leg pain is this

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fabemmy | 21:39 Tue 16th Dec 2008 | Body & Soul
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for a while I have had this leg pain but I dont know what is causeing it because it only seems to hurt when I am not doing anything, It dosnt hurt when I am walking or other things like that.

as anyone experienced this.


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is it pain or aches? you may have "restless leg syndrome"
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im not that sure but I would say its more of a ache.
In which bit of your leg (and one or both)?

If both, do you feel like you can't keep your legs still especially at night?

What do you do as a day job or for activities?

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pay a visit to your doctor
Do you have pain in your lower back too? If so, this could be sciatica.
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Thanks for the answers I think it may be sciatica, if it isnt that then it will be restless leg sydrome.


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what type of leg pain is this

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