Delayed Hearing

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Eve | 21:22 Tue 16th Dec 2008 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone else with menieres disease or other hearing problems find this?

I'm borderline nearing hearing assistance but have noticed more and more that as well as the hearing problems I do have, I seem to initially mishear a lot and often ask for it to be repeated then I realise what was said, like a delayed reaction.

I'm not sure how it works (or doesn't lol).

I do, however, find that with things I can pick up, my version of what I hear is always so much more interesting haha, product of a vivid imagination :)

Anyone found similar or have any ideas?


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not the same but I suffer from a form of central auditory processing difficulty and if someone talks to me it takes me longer than the average person to understand what has been asked, I kind of have to wait for my brain to process the "noise" into a question.
I have this problem am also slightly hard of hearing sort of struggle a bit when in a crowded room but sometimes ask for a repeat then realise what was said. It really annoys my other half she just says see you heard me the first time and then get accused of being antisocial because I am not joining in the conversation I don't always hear very frustrating!!!!!

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Delayed Hearing

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