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fifi08 | 21:48 Tue 16th Dec 2008 | Body & Soul
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iv got to go for a colposcopy next week, has anyone else been through this. im quite worried, i know it could all be ok.
but im really nervous. can anyone ease my mind??


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I had one for a lump up near my cervix and it was fine, no worse than a smear really, just lasts a bit longer especially if they take a bipsy.

Take care after though, I was warned not to have sex for 6 weeks afterwards.

I attempted earlier than that and, lets just say, they were right.
I had a Colposcopy and also a Loop Diathermy about 4 years ago.

I can't say it was a pleasant experience. It was a while ago, but from what I remember, the cervix was first stained with a dye and then anaesthetised and the doctor viewed the area through the Colposcope, which I could also see on a TV monitor, then a cortorising loop was used to scrape and burn away the abnormal cells.

I was told to take 2 days off work after the procedure and had a little mild pain, a bit like period pain. I also had a horrible brown, metallic smelling dishcharge for about 2 weeks.

I returned about 2 weeks later for the lab results, where some of the cells were tested for Cancer, fortunately, these did not appear to be cancerous. I then had to go for a follow up smear test about 6 months later, to check there were no more abnormal cells.

The whole procedure lasted about 30-40 minutes and wasn't painful, just uncomfortable.
I had to get a part of my cervix removed a few years ago. It was not a comfortable experience but all the people there did their best to put me at ease, there was one girl who sat beside me all the way through. I checked it was OK first and took my ipod in there with me, I put on my music and tried to take my mind off what was going on 'down there'. I felt it a bit sore, but I just took some strong pain killers and I was OK. I also would not advise sex soon after, the part scars and often bleeds if disturbed.

You will probably have to go for smear tests most often aswell, I have been going every 3 months for the past 3 years and I still find it the most uncomfortable experience ever.

Try not to worry too much, if you are tense it will only make things worse. My thoughts are with you - I hope all goes well! :D
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thank you it makes me feel better knowing im not the only one thats had to have it done.
thank you for sharing youe experiences with me.
i can only try to stay calm and not get worked up about it.
ill let you know how i get on
yes, I had it done and had pre-cancerous cells removed, then had to have smears every 6 months, all I would say is if they offer it without anaesthetic SAY NOOOOOOOOOOO
Similar to a spear test nothing to worry about i have had two. The consultant will put a blue dye on the cervix which may cause a slight sting this is to show any abnormal cells. I didn't experience any soreness after the procedure .
1 week later i had loop diathermy and biopsies of the endometrium which was done under general anaesthetic.
What us women have to go through hey xx
How did you get on fIfi? Hoping everything went smoothly
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it was bloody horrible, had to have a loop diathermy. will get results in 8 weeks.
i think it was probably worse than having a baby!! i wasnt painful just a really horrible thing to have done.

thank you for asking

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