Any ideas for Fancy Dress

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Meg888 | 12:47 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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My 10yr daughter has to go to school tomorrow in 'Theatre' themed fancy dress - I haven't a clue - does any1 have any good ideas? TIA


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She could go as a cat! From 'Cats' of course... that would be easy enough.
any shakespeares plays, she could be titania
Ha ha glad to see Im not the only mum who leaves things to the last minute! How about Oliver or Annie?
or chitty chitty bang bang
Get an old white sheet and turn her into a ghost!
Or a ballerina outfit - Swan Lake?

Our granddaughters recently went to a school fete & the them for the children was Pirates & Princesses. Our grandaughters wore pretty 'fairy' dresses with sparkly shoes & tiars (minus the wands) which were bought from the local supermarket!

Most of the other girls wore similar outfits & they all looked beautiful, bless 'em!
Widow Twanky?
How about one of those people who sell ice creams at half time?

All you need is a tray with a string on it to go round her neck.

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Thanks for your help folks some great ideas here x
Following on from ChuffingHells suggestion I went to a fancy dress party at Christmas which was seaside themed. One bloke came as an icecream seller with a box slung round his neck with string. He'd made all these icecream cones from proper icecream cones and expanding foam - they looked brilliant!
if you have tin foil a robot is fairly easy...

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Any ideas for Fancy Dress

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