Hello. Is Mrs Wood There Please?

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beryllium | 12:23 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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No!!! she friggin' isn't!!!

Hello All :-)
I'm a bit fed up of getting these calls for this woman. They range from her GP through to the local creche through to cold callers international and blahdy blah.

When I ask how they got this number, the GP and Creche in particular, I am told she gave it to them!!!

She is giving out my number to everyone!!! so.... I've tried B4USearch.... no joy, and I'm not going to change my phone number that's a pain.

I have 2 possible roads the creche have given me that she may live in and it matches the doctors records too. But I do not have the number of the house.

I'm probably ranting because I'm tired, and don't feel too good atm.....

What would you if it was happening to you pleaseeeeee?

Love B. xxx


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phone book? electoral records? (At your local library.) She may just have misremembered one digit - after all, we seldom phone ourselves so often don't remember quite right. She's probably sitting at home by the phone, wondering why nobody ever calls her, poor thing!
Hello Beryllium,
Sorry to hear you're recieving these nuisance calls.

I would ask the Creche and GP to take that number off their records. As for the cold calling you could register with the Telephone Preference Service.

If you change your number it would mean having to inform lots of your friends and family.

I would not go to the ladies house as you don;t know what sort of arguement you might get yourself into.
Goodluck x
Or just change your number
when someone calls for her say 'yes i'm mrs wood and i don't want to talk to you now p155 off and don't call again!
Question Author
How can you always give out a wrong number? if she's that incapable of remembering then she should have it written down.

Her doctor is my neighbour, so I may ask her for the number of the house and write to her. I'm just sooooo not a happy camper today lol....

jno. Good idea about the library. That is something I shall do later....

Creche and Docs I believe have removed her number now.

and Yep.... I'm already with TPS. They, for the most part are blocking cold calls... except.... the 08000 numbers and the dead numbers.

I also belive from one conversation with a cold caller that she fills out internet sites with... wait for it....

MY NUMBER lol......

ok. I'm now giggling. and feel much better..... going to deliver some flowers to my amazing dentist... that'll be good for my soul.

Thank you for letting me rant. Big Smiles :-))) xxx
Question Author
btw. The GP surgery was the nurse at the time of that call. Not her actual doc :)
Hi Beryl

I wouldn't change my phone number - too much hassle!

If it were me & anyone called asking for Mrs Wood, I'd simply say "Mrs Wood does not live here, so you have obviously been given the wrong phone number. Please remove MY telephone number from either your database, or your addrress/telephone book today, thank you".

Surely the calls will cease in time....

Good luck. -x-
Do you think this lady may have some sort of vendetta against you?

Sorry I suggest this however, it seems as though she's doing this on purpose.
no need to argue with her if you track her down. She's almost certainly not doing this deliberately, since she's giving it to everyday people who need to know it, and she will be missing lots of calls she's expecting. She'll probably be delighted to realise what's going wrong. (If I'm right, she won't even realise she's forgetting her number - she is, but she thinks she knows it perfectly.) A nuisance for you, of course, but just one of those silly things that goes wrong in daily life.
Question Author
Hiya Smuge :-)))

I have done all that has been suggested except the library and asking Carol nxt door. Oh and I shall try Chevrolets route too lol..... I've had this number nearly 2 years, and no.... definately not changing it because... yep..... internet.... friends.... family....

I'm erring now on the side of she may be of special needs. This cannot possibly be right... forgetting your phone number constantly.
I'll write a nice'ish letter. When I get her address......

Thanks Guys xxxxxxx

sorry muchlove, I hadn't seen your post when I wrote mine, but I don't think it's deliberate. Why would anyone give their own GP a wrong number just to annoy someone else? I think it's all just a mistake, though I could be wrong.
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No Muchlovex, it's definately not a vendetta. I've not quite been here 2 years yet, and my life revolves around staying in bed, maybe go shopping.... maybe walk the dog. Actually no. Walk the dog!!! or farm him out to my SIL.
I've moved down here for peace and quiet lol..... xxx
Question Author
gets me everytime!!! *definitely*
Change your name to Mrs Wood!! problem solved, at least you can say: yes Mrs Wood speaking!!
has she not got any friends phoning your number? if so surely they can get details of mistake back to her.

Call BT directly, they should be able to look for her real number and contact her to rectify the mistake
Question Author
I could of course. This mornings little gem was from Paris... something about winning a holiday.... And then I could have a card made up in her name and use her address, once I get it!!! (I promise I would never do that ok???) lol....

Send my love and best wishes to Carakeel pleaseeee :-) xxxx
Personally I wouldn�t waste my time and energy trying to find this fool. I would do as Chevrolet has said above, or leave an answer phone message that is similar. 'if you wish to speak to anyone other than Mrs Woods, pease leve a message'.
Question Author
Do you know what Red? YES!!! one of her friends did ring here for her lol... and we had a lovely conversation... and she said I sounded lovely and would like to be my friend.
Question Author
I would Oct. But I like to dose, and the phone wakes me up. So I would much rather just stop the calls......

Although?.....Life would be such a bore if I didn't have summink to rant over lol..... :-)

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