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stevie21 | 00:27 Sun 13th May 2007 | Body & Soul
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Is it a mortal sin for Catholics? No matter how virtuous a life you've had, if you take your own life you're guaranteed to go to hell?

How does this fit in with someone on hunger strike who dies or a bodyguard who jumps in front of a bullet?


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It's still choosing to end your life though and I'm sure the Bible would word it as "life is only God's to give and take, not yours"
its completly different , it is a mortal sin because god gave you life and its his right to take it from you

as for the other things a bodyguard would eb doing his job and therefore protecting and dying for some one else

hunger strikes are the actions of someone very desperate , and is often not done to die , but to make a point or get coverage
Hiya ex partner committed suicide 10 years ago.....he was from a Catholic family...... At the church they had a Catholic priest.....the priest then made his apologies and said he had other commitments and couldn't go to the cemetary...someone from the C of E did the service at his grave.
Suicides cause more pain for other people than they do themselves,religious or not, it`s not right
I agree
Just thinking back, I remember my dad saying to me.....he won't get a proper mass because of what he did.
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All of these answers might be true but they're not actually relevant to the question.
how are they not relevant ? i stated to you that it is a sin for catholics to commit suicide

red bez also stated that her priest would not do the funeral

wat do u want man blood?
I understand your case Bez,.. and what you say Elvis, but what about those young children that have been bullied and commited suicide cos they couldn't bear to suffer any more? They are not selfish surely?
stevie I can't answer you initial question as I'm C of E.......was just giving you my personal take on something that happened in my life. x
Sorry stevie, but when you committ suicide you don`t go to heaven or hell, You end up either cremated or buried six foot under...sorry to put a dampener on things but all that religious stuff is poop
I am Catholic, and I believe in God, however I have been forever angry at nuns or monks who choose not to speak when they have the gift of language. An insult to gods gifts I would say, just as redhead23 says that god gave you that life and its his right to take it away from you. To take it away is a mortal sin because god gave you life. I work with suicidal people, it has nothing to do with faith.

you aint gunna top yourself are you ? aint heared from you in a while
linda, I never said it was selfish, but it is in a way, it`s a tough subject to discuss, they probably don`t see it as being selfish..they probably just see it as an easy way out

i`m only going by my my personal experience working on the railway and how it effects other people
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"how are they not relevant?"

Relevant answers would address : "Yes it is a mortal sin that'll exclude you from heaven no matter how good a Christian you were up until then"
"No, normally suicide would be a mortal sin but under certain circumstances which I'll expand on, the Church is a bit flexible...."

"Choosing to end your life by hunger strike or martyrdon when you could instead choose to live IS effectively suicide and thus a cardinal sin"

Whether a hunger strike is done for coverage or not, it's the ones that end in death that are the subject of my question and how that death would be viewed by the Catholic Church : suicide or not.
Anyone wanting committ suicide is obviously in a situation where they can't face some things in life. BUT why not stop these things rather than stop yourself. Nobody wants to die, infact most people fear it. Just say to yourself that you have the power to say "Stop the world I want to get off" and relax without any pressure, get your thoughts together, get your jobs done and when you're ready, click your fingers and the world will start again, with you feeling able to cope with it. Thats what I think. whatever your relgion.
Yes to kill your self by hunger strike is suicide in my view.
oh my god read ur answers i state that yes it is a sin and have given u the link which clearly states its a sin ffs

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