Work/Life balance

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helliebobs | 21:05 Thu 30th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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It's been noted that lot of ABers post on here during the day and it made me think: how many of you love your job?
Do you live to work or work to live?


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i love my job.....but i love not being there too a happy soul really
Hi helli, I am very lucky,because I work for myself, I have reached a stage in life where I only do the jobs I want to do, for the people I want to work for, I won't start before 9am and I normally finish about 2pm, I have never been motivated by money,happiness is my motivation, I also own 2 cottages so I feel very fortunate, so mine is a definite work to live, what about you ????
I work to live

I wanna work for myself from home...and will hopefully start that in next 2 years
Zorro, one tip for you, I have worked for myself for 25 years,if you aren't really self motivated and quite strict with yourself. don't work for yourself,if you are motivated,go for it,it can be a great life,good luck, Ray
Bit of both really. I have my own business' and I love everything coming together and working properly and it all being succesful, but the fact that people are more important than money or sucess isn't lost on me, so yeah, bit of both.
Raymond....I work well by myself, just getting on with it. I used to take loads of work home.

I would take it easy Monday mornings and Friday afternoons (prob spent in the pub)

I can be a workaholic when Im in the zone, so it would suit me.

I have a Limited company I set up last year, just need to generate the work, and find time, as Im always so busy at work.

I wanna work from home as bookkeeper. I dont want to do the technical accountant stuff as its very boring, but would love to just do the work Im good at for higher pay direct from clients and from home in stress free environment.
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I'm a student, so answers from me arrive at any time between 8am and 3am...

"I ain't gonna work for no soul sucking jerk I'm gonna take it all back and I ain't sayin' jack..."
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Some good answers here!
A bit of both ray, to be honest, I do enjoy my job but like a lot of people would like to be doing something different!
I would be so bored doing nothing all day I need the stiimulation, but maybe in 25 years time I'll feel like I've earnt the right to relax a little.
Hello hellie :)))) xxxxxxxxx im a student now but when i worked i would gladly have done it for nothing i loved it :))) xxxxxxxxxxx
what are you studying, Carla...cant be beauty dont need any
Im studying the effect AB has on the human mind zorro huni :)))) and yes i need plenty :))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good luck Zorro, you sound like you will be ok working for yourself, but the idea of a bit of time for yourself is a great idea,you need that. helli, you will ease off trust me, be horible doing nothing,just need to get the balance right, hi nox, you well ?
I love my job, working on the 25,000 volt overhead lines on the railway,although it has its downside, ie getting called out to suicides,crashes and other emergencies.

But it also has its good points, well paid,very cushy and 175 days off a year
Hey Hellie honey xxxx

I have my own business and love it...i work to live xxx
Cant wait to take early retirement in 18 months at age of 57, working for a large soft drinks company thats constantly moving the goal posts and a big blame culture, theyt have eroded all our bonuses and perks gradually over last 5 years, only thing i'll miss is the fantastic colleagues and friends i have .
175 days off a year, Elvis.......can you get me a job there
WORK is a FOUR letter WORD, but so is PLAY.
WORK is the PLAY we get PAID for!
( . . . shhhh . . . just don't tell the boss).

I used to go to work to earn money to get on with life, it was just a massive chore to help me survive. I became quite fed up with the whole situation and chose unemployment and scraped by with all the time in the world. I had so much time, that, time had no value. I started cleaning the local beaches and litter collecting. I enjoyed it. So i got a job cleaning, i enjoyed that. I went on eventually too design and technology. Now i go to work, i have my own workshop and i live my job as a part of my life. I feel so fortunate now and time is of so much value to me. My spare time is more productive and i get more done in spare time than i did with all the time in the world. But, work is nothing separate it is a part of my journey, my surroundings and my lifes venture.
Enjoying my life 'its one life and i play one part'
so most people here enjoy their jobs? where do you work. dammit i find even fun jobs get boring after a week or so. i'd say work to live definatly.

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Work/Life balance

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