How is your Life Balance

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Eve | 22:41 Fri 12th Sep 2008 | Body & Soul
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I was chatting with someone about this the other day, about how our life should be balanced and how it actually is.

Do you divide your time well between family, friends, work and social and you time?

Is it practical or possible in your circumstances?

I decided that learning to drive would free up so many more possibilities for me so have booked my theory test and have enquired about driving lessons as I could drive places to do photography, go riding etc...

I also need to give more time to my creative and caring sides which have been neglected lately so got my art materials out again and have e.mailed some sites about one off voluntary opportunities which fit in with my life better.

How do you do?


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My life is balanced even the food I eat I try to yin and yang it. I wouldn't put people in categories as you have above but would balance mine simply with spending time alone and spending time with others (who ever they may be). Work and leisure. exercise and rest. happy and sad. From experiencing one we can only really appreciate the other. My balance comes from opposites and there is a happy medium in that, I call wellbeing.
I'm constantly very busy, but agree with boogieboogie. . It's all about feeling content within yourself, and getting your priorities right. My family come first, but work and leisure time often involve them anyway. I'm happy for it to be like this, so if you're happy and content in the first place, then everything else just slots in.
By the way - good luck to you. You seem to be on he right track. If you make time for the things you enjoy, you're going to be able to tackle the rest.
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How is your Life Balance

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