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Meeting people on he internet.

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sair5412 | 13:47 Mon 20th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Well, I am still alive. He left his axe at home. It went BRILLIANTLY!!!! I couldn't be happier! I am absolutely smitten!! The weirdest thing is, I went on this dating site for a bit of a laugh and thought maybe i could chat to a few people and that would be that! However, 2 weeks later and I have myself.... well... I think....a boyfriend! And, for the first time im my life, i was actually happy without one!! Why is that!!!!???

This is what happened... (if you're interested!! Probably not but i'm going to tell you anyway, otherwise I might burst!!).............First of all I drank like a whole bottle of rescue remedy in the car on the way, then we pulled up at the pub and he was sat in his car and we were just staring at each other, trying to absorb each others faces and see what we thought!! I was very pleasantly surprised and told him he takes a terrible photo!! He said I looked like my photo but he said I was gorgeous on the photo and gorgeous to be with too (aw!!). We were going to be in the pub from 2 til 4pm but the time just flew by. I rang my babysitter and she said it was fine to stay a bit longer. So he moved from sitting opposite me and came to sit next to me by the log fire....


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What makes you thing MrBen and Elvis don't have anyone that special in their lives? Romance just passed you both by did it? I think it was a really lovely story and I hope it continues to be that wonderful for sair...not everyone is lucky enough to find someone who makes their heart leap like that so you enjoy it girl! Take no notice of those grumpy ol' men! :0 )
chicklin....How very very dare you, special dear?, me dear?, I do dear

It was a tuesday morning at the dole office where I was signing on and I noticed this woman.
I thought she must be a school teacher taking her class for a day trip, but no, they were all hers

She was there claiming her child benefit, I waited around for her and held the door open for her when she left, It took 15 minutes for all her kids to pile through the door, I asked her if they were a handfull but she said only 12 were hers and the other 4 were her grandchildren.

I was smitten with her and invited her out for a drink, ok she said, there`s an offy round the corner.
I rushed round there and bought 8 cans of special brew, we sat over the park all afternoon while her kids ran riot and threw stones at the ducks, the older kids were in the playground selling crack cocaine.

We lay there looking up to the sky and planned our lives together, big house, big car, jacuzzi.

I lay imagining I was in the jacuzzi...turns out I`d fallen asleep and p!ssed myself.
Later that afternoon we were joined by her friends who were very friendly, they all had bottles of drink with them, we stayed their til late at night then we went back to her flat.

We had to walk up the stairs to the 17th floor as the lifts were out of order. I carried her most of the way, not romantically but over my shoulder as she was rat @rsed.

We have been together 3 weeks now and are hoping to get married as soon as she can remember which of the different dads to her kids she`s actually married to
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Elvis, i love a good romance! Sounds to me like you're perfectly suited! May you have many many happy years together and make sure you get married in you shellsuits! ;-)
If you have found joy on the net well good on yer and all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meeting people off the internet, I am convinced is the way forward. Much, much better than meeting someone in a club who is drunkenly trying to get in your knickers from the minute they spot you. At least you get to know them a bit before hand and hopefully by that point they will respect you enough to not just screw you over....maybe.
Elvis!!!! HAHAHahAHaHahAhahaaaa*�#%@#�&!!!!!!!!!

You have absolutely made my day with that sweet tale of romance! hahahahahaa!
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Mdoo98... how very rude! Lol!
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Well Elvis - sorry but I can't say I got a warm glow from your most eloquent account of your meeting with your beloved of 3 weeks...but it's confirmed for me that you really don't understand the finer points of romance, so thanks for that anyway : )
I'm looking forward to Sair's next date and hoping it just gets better and better for her.

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Meeting people on he internet.

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