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meeting people on the internet

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sair5412 | 01:49 Fri 17th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Anyone met anyone on the internet and ended up having a relationship in real life? Stories please!!

I have recently been chatting to someone I have met through a dating site and we are getting on really well and agree on most things and have similar interests and backgrounds. How long do you keep chatting online before you actually meet up!? Did anyone find they were disappointed once they met someone in the flesh? Or any success stories would be great!!


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Yes-a couple of years ago I met a girl online and we chatted for 2 months before we met. I wanted a relationship (she didnt live THAT far away) but we just ended up having sex :I it didnt work out.

Apart from her I have met up with 2 other girls with mixed results-first date just didnt work out-it was ackward for us both and we had little in common.

2nd girl I met we went out to a couple of bars and drank and got on really well, but she wasnt interested in me other than casual friendship.

To answer your question-personally I have never been dissapointed with the people I have met in the flesh-they were all really nice and just as I imagined them/had seen in pics.

There is no specific time that you should wait before you meet-thats up to you two to decide. Use common sense, get to know the person well. I would wait a minimum of a month before meeting someone. Good luck!
I've been on a dating site and have met some lovely lovely men through it, been on some fantastic dates and made some great friends.

Not been swept off my feet as yet :)

I've not really been disappointed in any of them. Some of the photos were rather old but the only date which made me feel a bit uncomfortable was a guy who managed to get through 6 pints on our date, just a quiet drink and nice meal.

He got a bit crude and rather embarassing and seemed a lot older than he said but it could have been far far worse :)

If I get on really well with someone and think it could be something more than friendship then I tend to meet them sooner rather than later as relationships only on line can be very misleading and you may meet up to find it's nothing like what you thought.

I've found this with quite a few guys who I seemed to click with online but that didn't happen when we actually met up even though they were lovely guys. It can also help turf out the ones who aren't quite as they seem :)

I tend to think it's maybe better to find this out sooner rather than later when you're more likely to get hurt or disappointed.

Good luck :) xxx
Hello My name is Glyn I live in Dublin Ireland. I have a beautiful Fiancee called Pamela (sorry Pam she hates me calling her Pamela) We have 2 children Dylan aged 4 and Abbi aged nearly 2.Now i'm going to let you know how me and Pam met. Me and Pam met just over 5 years ago online in a chat room, Freeserve chat, I had been a regular on there for the 6 months prier 2 talking to Pam, This one eventful night that changed my life forever happened on the 9th August 2001 @ 6.45pm I had logged on as normal but their wasnt any of the usual crowd on so i said" is no one talking to me then2 i got an instant reply from someone called Fanatic9. The name was a bit oh ok. But we started chating anyway the Fanatic9 was that she was a Liverpool FC supporter and liked Robbie Fowler who wore (you guessed it) the number 9. We were chatting away and i thought i would chance my arm and ask for her e-mail address, she then gave it to me PamelaGlynn@........... This intreaged me and asked what the Glynn part was and she told me it was her surname, now this is where i was getting a bit freaked out by this, I had never heard of anyone with that surname! I told her this was my first name, She was like "no way are you trying to take the p1ss" I said "no it is honest" she thought it was a lame attempt at a chat up line. i managed to convince her i was'nt lying. We carried on chatting I was on a roll so asked for her phone number, thats when i found out she was in Ireland,
But by then she had started to cast her web and snare me, Later that night while watching Frasier on tv @ 10.15pm i said to myself that i will phone her.(had a bill phone and thought it wouldnt cost to much)I wasnt sure if she would be able to understand me (i mumble when i'm nervous)She was thinking the same as her accent was quite strong. But we pushed aside the language problems and got on well, The Butterflies were having such a party in my stomach that i couldnt sleep that night. The next day she was in work but txt me to say phone her, i did and many more times in the ensueing 10 days. Then She asked me would i ever consider coming over, i was like errr yeah in a while we had only been speaking for 10 days. She seemed disappointed. But again i think she knew what she was doing. Later that day i was on the phone to a ferry company finding out how much would it cost for the weekend. I booked to go on 25th August 16 days after first talking to her. I then phoned her and asked her did she mean what she asked me about coming over to meet her. She was like Why? So i told her i was coming over on the Saturday 25th her responce was to scream down the phone. Once she realised i was serious she was like "where are we going to stay?"
as U2 were in concert @ Slane Castle, and everywhere was booked up. Pam and her work colleagues then spent the whole afternoon trying to find somewhere we could stop. she managed to find a B&B. I didnt know what Pam looked like but she had seen a pic of me. she posted one that day hopeing it would reach me b4 i came over, It did on the Friday, She looked beautiful. Those butterflies spent the rest of the day having an allday party in my stomach. that night i hardly slept but when i did manage to fall asleep it was time to get to the train station. Once i was @ Holyhead i phoned her and she had been out the night b4 so was a little hung over, On the ferry i had a few pints as i was nervous. Drinking @ 9.30am but i needed it. then the boat docked. i got off and was standing outside and no sign of her. I just kept looking at the photo and wondering was this just a wind up? ........... Then a taxi pulled up and out stepped Pam in her Liverpool tracksuit. She looked amazing(even in a tracksuit) We got in the taxi. was a bit weird but we held hands. we got dropped of in Dublin City Centre where we had 2 catch a bus. Then her Friend phoned to make sure i was'nt a mad man. She assured her friend i was'nt. and we got to the B&B and sat on the bed,
We started talking and could'nt stop, but when we did i reached over and kissed her gently on the lips. Fireworks were going off in my head. i felt like i had a million butterflies in my stomach. we lay on the bed and she proceeded to tickle me, it was so natural it was perfect. The rest is CENSORED until 7pm. We then got ready to go out and meet up with Pam's best friend and her fella. We arrived and Her Friend was shocked as i'm a big man, but i didnt care as i was falling in love more every second i was with Pam. Now @ about 10.30pm I did something even now i cant believe i did and got on one knee and asked Pam to marry me, (i didnt have a ring) it was love at first site for me and at that point i realised i never wanted to lose her, She looked at me funny as if to say get up you idiot, but was i surprised with what she said next, She said YES but only if i ask her again in the morning when i'm sober. So i thought fair enough. We then headed back to the B&B and CENSORED The next morning I awoke b4 Pam and got on one knee by the side of the bed and gently kissed her on the lips and she awoke and i asked her" Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife" She said 2 i thought it was the drink talking lastnight" i said no this is for real. She looked me in the eyes and said...............YES. Oh man that feeling will never ever be forgotten till the day i die. we spent the whole day in bed and the next day it was time for me to leave. I so didnt want to go but their was no other options.
I left that evening and sat outside on the ferry crying wishing there had been a way of me staying. I got home @ 4am on the tuesday morning. we arranged for Pam to come over to england on the 28th of september. Thats when i would have the engagement ring and again ask her to marry me. that month felt like a year. We were on the phone 2 eachother day and night running up huge phone bills but we didnt care. the night before she was due to come over she phoned me to tell me she couldnt come over, her father had found out and said i may be an axe murderer. That night i cryed myself to sleep like the world had ended, to me it had. Th enext day when she was in work she phoned me and said she was coming and nothing or no one was going to stop her. I waited at Liverpool Airport @10.30pm Then there she was a vision of beauty. we hugged kissed and wouldnt let eachother go. We were driven home and i had candles all lit in my bedroom I had put the ring in a single red rose. I again got down on 1 knee and asked her to "marry me" and gave her the rose, she said YES but wondered where the ring was? I said look in the rose their she seen the ring and started crying, She took the ring from the rose and gave it to me i then put it on her finger and we kissed and held eachother. that week was amazing we went everywhere did loads and we made love as an engaged couple. no more sex just Making love.
she then had to go home. we were both crying when she left, When i got home within an hour she was home aswell, we felt empty like there was something missing. there was were were not together. she went back home on the 5th October. we arranged for her to come and move to england in the new year, but on the 13th october i got a phone call saying that she was coming that night that she couldnt stand being apart from me any longer. That night she arrived and lets just say the rest is history. We are getting married next year here in Dublin. Hope you enjoyed hearing how me and Pam met.
I met my partner through an internet dating site. never tried chatrooms. We chatted for only a short time before he left put his phone number on the email and I thought what the heck why not. We've been going out for 4 years and have been living together for nearly 2.

I always find meeting people scary but as the book says "Feel the fear and do it anyway".

Hope you go and have a good time!!!

Iv just read your answer mnko and can I just say....what a beautiful, romantic, lovely story it was! I feel all emotional now, love is a wonderful thing. May you have many, many happy years together x
yup met my husband online ..its not an easy story to tell so ill give you a newpaper clipping,, ?id=782792002

now ..after 4 years he went to "trial " and went bk to the US ,,,it only took 10 days to optain the visa once he was there ..10 days!!!!
happily now hes here and working away quiet happily.
i started chatting to a guy on faceparty in Feb 04, he lived 60 miles away and had just split for his wife. We got on great as we just chatted and neither of us thought there would ever be a relationship (he wasnt interested at all and i was seeing someone).

In the June / July when i was single i suggested we meet up as we got on as really good friends. We finally met on the 16th July 04 and got on like a house on fire. By the September we had already decided that we would discuss in the new year the idea of having children together as we were besotted with each other and very happy.

It turns out that when we discussed the idea of kids, we were already expecting a baby. I found out on october 2nd and to say we were over the moon is an understatement.

It was hard to work out a way that we could live together but we did and we now have a gorgeous 16 month old little boy. he was born 2 weeks before we celebrated our first 12 months together.
Awww Blyss what a nightmare!!!

So happy to hear he's with you now though and i wish to both all the love and happiness for the future :)
mnko ..I just made a cuppa to read your story I had a bit of a cold and a blocked nose ..needless to say ..Im snottong all over the place now !!! ..
aww what a wonderful story mnko ..truely you are blessed , Pam is a lucky woman .
sniff sniff .
mnko - I have just sat here with tears running down my face reading your story - god how emotional!!
Yes, I have met several lovely men, but only had a relationship with 3 of them, one of which the guy turned out to be a total weirdo control freak, ex-army nutter - (had fought in the falklands etc) and when I went back to his flat, he put on a real army video for us to watch - to which he proudly said to me "see this guy, in a moment I get to shoot him!" and at that point I made a discreet exit, few weeks later, he was in my ex-husbands shop threatening him, police were call and he was arrested and carted off - I hope they threw the key away. SCARY!
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I met my boyfriend on DatingDirect 3 and a half years ago!!
I put my details on but didn't fully join until 2 weeks later. By then I had received about 20 messages, mostly from wierdos, but some I did reply to. However I was looking through the profiles of men in my area one night and spotted this gorgeous Robbie Williams lookalikie and decided to send him a message.

Turns out he hadn't been a paid up member for some time but he paid for membership for a week so that he could reply to my messsage. We e-mailed for about a month, then chatted a couple of times on the phone then eventually met! He was the only person from the website I met up with, despite numerous offers. When we met I was nervous but it was great as we had already covered so much in our e-mails and had loads to talk about.

He is my soul mate and it just goes to show that the one that is mean't for you will find you eventually! He is taking me to Paris in January for my xmas pressie, it was supposed to be a surprise until I found the hotel booking form on the floor this morning!!! Dohh!
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