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do we have a soul?

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spurslady | 13:54 Mon 20th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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If so where is it kept?



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mine is in the bottom of my foot
mine too!!i keep mine in a sock
Question Author
I just though I would ask a question to keep the PC brigade happy.

So this is in conjunction with the topic soul. Or could the soul bit mean Soul music, perhaps the definition should be defined for us?

I have swallowed a dictionary today.
oh oh im playing soul music right now!!! im so souly today...
I keep mine in my knicker drawer
Possibly but not an immortal one!

The usual notion of the word is tied up with a concept of personality and what is distinctly "You"

There are enough cases of people who have suffered great trauma - both physical and psychological that no one recognised them as the same person any more - that part of them that defined them as who they were changed.

Phineas Gage was one of the first examples page/Pgstory.php

He survived a spike through his head but his friends said he was "no longer Gage"

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I take mine out and polish it once a year just before I go to church to watch my Son's harvest festival with school. I dont want the man upstairs thinking im neglecting it or anything...
is soul the same as spirit?
My soul is on a compilation cd.
I have some David Soul records for the 70's do they count????
marvin had soul
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I suppose it could mean Soul food? See this section covers a whole range of topics why look else where.....
no notfrom-oz, i distinctly remember him having sexual healing!
It's in your 'R' ... hence ....
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lmao at naz
unrulie ,surley thats got to be good for the soul!!!
The soul is the life force that literally makes you a living being. You also have a spirit, that lives on beyond the grave. Check your Bible.
what for ?its soul? i dont think it has but ill check anyway......
............nope ,it's a good read though

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do we have a soul?

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