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Gone as you said Naz!!!

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dunaplimsoll | 13:20 Mon 20th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Why remove a debate on the hypocritical actions of Britain?

Just as I was about to reply to the last comment, where the deluded person did not actually read the previous posts, i.e it has nothing to do with not allowing them their religion, but in not seeing that it could be used as a means of criminal (if not terrorist) activities, hiding, yes hiding behind a veil. Before replying read the comments!!


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I have just gone to have a look and cant believe its gone! I didnt see the very last post after yours dunaplimsoll, shame. It was a good debate, hardly offensive surely! Then again, its a subject that cant be mentiond isnt it? JOKE!
HOw long until this goes?

Ok safe topics we can tak about...

Isnt the weather cold at this time of year.
The sky is blue.
I think the grass is green.

But then I suppose that could be offensive to someone in Alaska, they say you think its cold here try living there. Also I may have offended someone who is colourblind.
See i'm talking nonsense because the interesting stuff gets removed.
Question Author
Yep, said it before unrulie we (as in the peeps whoose natural country this is - for all those who don't like us saying 'us and them') are not allowed Freedom of speech in our own country - but anyone else has the right to say and do as they choose!

I enjoy a good debate thats what makes A/B interesting. People always complain about silly questions and yet when something is put on here which provokes a bit of thought , ZAP, its gone! Im really cross about it!

i think you're right spurslady:-
"what are you having for lunch"
that'll be my next question, maybe that'll be ok, not too topical!
It just isnt our country any more. I'm all for change if it enhances our standard of living but if it makes you a minority in your own country where you cant say boo to a goose, whats the point of staying here. I think if I could I would pack it all up and go to the otherside of the world.
Question Author
Or tell us what kinky sex you had last night, or that there a pimple on my w***y or f***y (if you've got one) and how do I remove it? Would I have picked it up when there was 3 of us covorting in a porn movie?
Question Author
unrulie, what the hell has it got to do with you what I'm having for lunch? If you can't ask a decent Q, don't bother!!!

Oh I was only kidding, so here is the proverbial ;o)
dunaplimsoll, stop telling everyone our secrets will ya! You promised to keep it between the 2 of us!!!! stick to the lunch question!
-- answer removed --
why should my son take off his hood then?
Question Author
But it is OUR Country!!
For all those that didn't see what the fuss was allabout on my post's the pic. 0.8669449388240531

Oh no its
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
Question Author
OMG Was that you unrulie? Didn't realise it was you under that mask lol. Great time though eh?
I genuinely don't understand why it is now 'offensive' to be proud of your own country. Speaking as someone who has a Welsh, Irish, English, Scottish and Cornish background (Celtic to the marrow I am) I don't understand why anything that involves promoting and being proud of your Englishness is so 'politically incorrect' yet being, Welsh, Scottish or Irish is OK. Our rich, colourful and at times tragic history and relationship to each other (Great Britain and Ireland) is to be celebrated and learned from not be a source of division.
I'm very proud of all of the fantastic things that happen in this GB and Ireland and I'm so sick of the media only ever giving column inches to the negative.
pa____ul you dont know my son! He has never been in trouble in all his 15 years.He has never stolen, he has never bullied any other human being,he has never abused anyone! He wears a nike top with a hood and puts it up when he's cold because he doesnt like wearing a coat, same as most kids his age, for reasons known only to themselves but most likely to do with them being uncool. Why should he be singled out for that reason and a veil completely covering the whole face, not just the head, and in some cases even the eyes as i saw the other day, isnt?
Where is the equality in that?
Question Author
I thought the "hoody" was just another fashion statement by kids, like when nobody tied the laces on their trainers or "plimsolls" Lol
dunaplimsoll, it certainly was!!!!!!
same time next week?????

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Gone as you said Naz!!!

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