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Meeting people on he internet.

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sair5412 | 13:47 Mon 20th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Well, I am still alive. He left his axe at home. It went BRILLIANTLY!!!! I couldn't be happier! I am absolutely smitten!! The weirdest thing is, I went on this dating site for a bit of a laugh and thought maybe i could chat to a few people and that would be that! However, 2 weeks later and I have myself.... well... I think....a boyfriend! And, for the first time im my life, i was actually happy without one!! Why is that!!!!???

This is what happened... (if you're interested!! Probably not but i'm going to tell you anyway, otherwise I might burst!!).............First of all I drank like a whole bottle of rescue remedy in the car on the way, then we pulled up at the pub and he was sat in his car and we were just staring at each other, trying to absorb each others faces and see what we thought!! I was very pleasantly surprised and told him he takes a terrible photo!! He said I looked like my photo but he said I was gorgeous on the photo and gorgeous to be with too (aw!!). We were going to be in the pub from 2 til 4pm but the time just flew by. I rang my babysitter and she said it was fine to stay a bit longer. So he moved from sitting opposite me and came to sit next to me by the log fire....


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Where he whispered in your ear.....

"would you like to be the the mum to my 15th child? But we'll haveta be quick as I'm being sent down next week"

Sounds lovely- good luck, fingers crossed for you.
Aww ... that's lovely.

I didn't read your earlier post, so I gather you've been asking about the wisdom of internet dating. Sounds like you found a decent website and went into it in the right frame of mind - and it seems to have worked for you.

Good for you - all the best.

Just a quick PS - my eldest met his wife via the internet. They're very happy and they've been married for four years now.
hey thats great news.

So when you seeing him again?????????
Question Author
we didnt hold hands or anything but it just felt nice to be close. We talked about anything and everything and had so much in common and agreed with each other on so many things, we laughed and laughed about films we'd seen, what we were both like at school, what our friends were like, our families, our parents... everything!! There wasn't a moment where we struggled to make conversation. Then eventually it was time to go. : ( He took me back to the friends house that had dropped me off in the first place and we went in for a cuppa. He got on with her brilliantly and was very chatty and polite and I was watching him talking and just thought.... oh my god... i'm really falling for him!! I don't do this sort of thing ever and usually don't fall for people so easily. Anyway, my friend Jill, who's house we were at (she is quite bossy, in a nice way!) she said, 'oh can somebody go and take the kettle of the hob.' So he went straight through and brushed my hand as he went. I took this to mean to go with him, so i did!!! (heart thumping!!)......
Question Author
He took the kettle off the hob and came and stood in front of me and we seemed to look into each others eyes for ages while he stroked my cheek. (this sounds so corny!!! can't believe i am saying this tripe!!!) Then we both smiled at each other and then had the most beautiful kiss. Really soft and gentle. I could feel myself going bright red as it was happening but I didn't care. It was lovely. Then we smiled at each other again and said how bizarre it was and then had a nice hug, He is just the right height for me to put my head on his chest too! Then we went back in the living room and sat together like a pair of love birds!!
All i can say is, if someone told me a month ago that this would be happening, i would have laughed in their face. As far as i was concerned, i was perfectly happy without a boyfriend and i would never have even considered meeting someone off the internet! But now I have and I couldnt be happier. He is coming up again next weekend- he only live 25 mins down the motorway so it's not so far. My son is going to stay with his 'far away nanny' as he does every 6th weekend, so i will be 'free' and we are going to go out somewhere and just be together! He is ringing me at 1.15pm so I will have to go now!!
So sorry if i've bored you!!!
Awwww thats so nice!!! i hope it all works out for you!!!

Awww bless your little cotton socks- how cute are you? LOL
Hmmm, so has he left his wife for good then? or is he seeing how it goes with you first?
Have you ever considered writing for Mills & Boon?
I think I'm gonna barf... ;0)
Awwwww, good for you sair. Met me boy on net and we been together 5 wks now! I'm going to marry him and have his babies-so it does work!
5 weeks?
and you`re gonna have his babies? good luck

It is corny, Sair, but it's still llovely, and especially at this time of the year.
The error of my ways has just been pointed out to me.... apparently this is a sweet and lovely story and I'm just a big old cynic without a romantic bone in her body. In line with this new information what I mean to say is 'awwww..... that's just lovely, xx'

Is it ok if I go barf now?! ;0)
I'm being a cynic too, China, not because I don't believe in romance though, but only because most other people don't want to hear about it because it sounds cheesy unless you're one of the parties involved.

It's a bit like new parents who drivel on about how their baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, whereas it just looks like another Mini Me to the rest of us!!
<Places herself firmly on Champers side of the fence and refuses to budge>
Hahahahaha! :o)

Thing is, I'm happy for Sair, but I just wish she'd limited it to something like "Woohoo! I've met a man and he's spankin' gorgeous and I'm well loved up! Who's happy for me?"
Amen to that Champers!

(Sorry Sair.... we are both really happy for you... just didn't need the sacharine (sp). I hope it all works out. Honest I do.)
What a nice story - a good way to start my day with someone who is in the first throws of love. Enjoy it.

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Meeting people on he internet.

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