What are you having for tea today?

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girlylesbian | 17:22 Tue 11th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am having a horrible tea today! It is sheperds pie.Boo Hoo.My absolute worst tea OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! Go on make me jealous what are you having for tea today?


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Beatroot!! for fudgecake!
Can I ask if its your worst tea why are you having it? I mean you have picked it as you do have you own flat and cook for yourself or do we have a housekeeper now?
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My dad and mum are living with me!They decided what I eat and I cannot be bothered to cook something seperate for myself.It is horrible though and I have just finished Mauresmo now.And boy she was very good bit quick though but great stamina.he he.
yes she probably has a housekeeper now
who force feeds her shepherds pie and so she will tell her very rich dad on the housekeeper and as she is so upset her dad will steal her an ipod and buy her front row tickets to wimbledon where she shall sip champagne with elton john and david furnish while asking them advice on the impending birth of her twins with her lesbian tennis player lover

its complicated being russian
Why are they living with you. In the flat?? Isnt daddy rich?
have they moved over from minsk? make them cabbage and black bread.
thats fantastic rom. :-) although I think she is a housekeeper, using her bosses computer on the sly :-)
I thought theyd gone back, taking the dog with them?
surely if you tell daddy you dont like shepherds pie he will send out for something else for you?
Maybe they just went upstairs (in the flat) to answer the phone. :-)
Wee and cabbage water, like you have in Russia !!!!
Oh sorry thats what you smell of !!!
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I told your wife on your!!! Anyway my parents come and go quite alot and it happens they are here at the moment with my gorgeous doggy.It is a pomeranian!
Eat the bloody dog for tea then !!!!
We all bloody know its a pomeranian. You've told us enough times. About the only thing fact you ever get right more than once. Anyway go p off and eat your shepherds pie.

I dunno what this obsession is about, you know the eating disgusting teas? anyway, 'tea' is a working class expression..we have dinner in our house ;o)

And stop going on about that ugly geezer Mauresmo.

Oh..steak & salad if you must know.
Looks like she's one of those Russian dolls - just when you think you have got to the last one, another is lurking inside.

For my dinner I am having Roast Pomeranian, served on bed of Wild Rice!
Oh ha ha ha I wasn't even in when all this was going on, I've been up to Kenley aerodrome where it was sunny, bright, and QUIET.

I came home partly by train from Reedham, but the ticket machine wasn't working, so I had to pay my fare when I arrived at East Croydon. Ask them if you don't believe me, I had a blue bike with me with a camera in a bag on the front and a spare tube in a bag attached to the saddle.
oh i have the Pomeranian Dog breeders directory here with all the true champion names, all the sires too, what is your dog's pedigree name? I can find it's direct line.
Whiffey we meet again. You certainly get about don't you?
Yesterday we spoke of Bushey Park. May I ask where you live exactly and where you work?

I thought that when I read of everybody's whereabouts you lived in Scotland, sorry to presume maybe it is only where you were born.
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I do not know it's real pedigree name but we have called it pom pom.

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