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Sammy22 | 02:20 Sun 19th Feb 2006 | Body & Soul
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that everytime i brush my teeth,the inside of my mouth sheds skin??!! sorry,it does sound mingin i it bcoz the tootpaste burns the insides of my mouth off? it feels horrible in my mouth and it comes off like string!


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Given both this and your previous question, it sounds very much like you may have some sort of nutritional deficiency.

Go and see your doctor and explain your symptoms.
This happens to me more so when i use colgate toothpase or a two in one toothpase /mouthwash. Change your toothpaste. I use supermarkets own brand - they seem to have less aditives/ingredients in them. They work just as good.
i happens to me but only if i use aqaufresh whitening toothpaste!
Wow!! This has started happening to me too!! I am pretty sure it isn't a nutrition issue. I changed toothpastes recently and I think the one I am using (Macleans Whitening) is just too strong.
Yep, can totally back up the whitening toothpaste theory, it's grim, I was using the sensodyne whitening one and by the time i go to work it was like I'd shedded the lining of my mouth, thing is i found the aquafresh whitening one to be ok!
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how strange is that! i think it is the whitening stuff that does it because i always use that type but many different brands.i guess its just a case of trial and error now!

Please please if you don't know what your talking about don't write b*ll sh*t answers

The person who said it is a possible nutritional deficiency is probably more likely to be write, things you may be asked: 1) Is it painful 2)Do you have ulcers or blisters 3) If so how long do they take to heal, how many do you have at what time 4)What does the shed 'skin' look like? 5) Is your taste altered? 6)When did this begin? 7)Does this occur anywhere else on your body 8) Do you feel tired etc.. If you provide more information I may be able to give you some ideas but the best advice would be to attend your GP or dentist immediately, shedding of 'mouth skin' (oral mucosa) is NOT normal

That was such a rude answer! Nobody has said they "know" what is wrong, people are just sharing their experiences, so dont be so blimming rude. If i have a nutritional deficiency, does that mean i only have it when i use aquafresh whitening toothpaste? At all other times, it just spontaneously goes away?

Surely a range of answers is a good thing, seeing as we are not their with the person? He/she already had the nutritional deficiency advice, but also an alternative. The great thing about advice is that you dont have to take it!

Anyway, for someone who seems to "know" what thy're talking about, you don't seem to know the difference between right and write!

Forgot to add, if it was a stipulation that you had to know what you were talking about to post answers on here, there would only be about 3 people posting!
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Well, i dont have any pain with it,or any ulcers. it doesnt heal because its not an abrasion of any kind-it only happens when i brush my teeth. the skin is transparent and stringy. my taste has never altered. this 'shedding' has never occured anywhere else on my body (!) and it only happens when i use whitening toothpaste, so i basically think i am allergic to whatever the hell they use in this crap.

It sounds like your oral mucosa (skin) is atrophic (thin, weak, friable) and as I've mentioned good be due to an anaemia. The fact that it only sheds on toothbrushing is probably because the attachment of the tissue has been compromised and the abrasive action of toothbrushing not normally sufficient to cause mucosal stripping is in your case. Whitening toothpastes have a more coarse formulation than normal brands and it is more likely to be the abrasive nature of the paste than an actual allergy, why is rare. If you are allergic you would probably note red gums and chheks and stinging when using the allergen. I would suggest using a less abrasive tooth paste however I feel that in your case examination and further investigation may be required.

Some general advice on whitening toothpastes would be not to use them, they have more associated problems than benefits

good should say could

why should say which is rare

In response to kazza12345. You are correct it is not stipulated that one should be a specialist in the area under discussion in order to post an answer. Of course everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Its merely of concern to me that people on here ask advice about potentially serious conditions and are sometimes given inappropriate information. Not necessarily in this case however.
well that would have been a much nicer way of putting it that saying i was talking bull bleep
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Thanks very much. think ill make an appointment at the doctors then!

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