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How Often Should I Be Showering/Washing Hair?

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DanicaDoodle | 17:55 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I always have my hair up for work and thus do not always feel the need to wash it, but then that means I do not feel like showing as I usually only shower to wash hair. What do you people think is the best for me or people in general for showering and hairwashing?



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Every day.

As often or infrequently as you're comfortable with, there's no right or wrong, although personally I shower and wash my hair every day.

Do whatever feels long as you don't smell!

There is no need to wash hair every day- in fact it's not good for your hair. Twice a week is more than sufficient. Some like Gary Barlow don't wash it for months on end. I'd shower every day at the same time as you seem to like a daily regime- it's not really neccessary but as you work out a lot it's probably better as it's not nice when someone smells of sweat sin your office/place of work

^ not sure where the unnecessary C came from 

Shower daily but wear a shower cap if you don't want to wet your hair 😊

Or use the hand held shower rather than the overhead one- the former is also better for doing sweaty armpits and other bits that can be missed with an overhead shower

I see the "clean team" are in town!

17.19 yeh and what a right shower they are!!🤣

To think a weekly bath was the norm for many folk, certainly for my family.

How times have changed.

every day for a shower, hair depending. To put it bluntly and rather revoltingly, think of that gunky valley between your bum-cheeks and extending forward - you need to shower regularly and oarticularly after exercise.

My wife likes a shower in the morning (says it helps wake her up) and bath at night.

To me it's the equivalent of when as a boy I used to polish my shoes in the evening and again before school in the morning.

a lot of men dont seeme to wash for a week. Teenage lads can take this up to a month. It changes when they discover girls. I shower every day - without soap ( defats skin) and give my hair( no 2 crewcut) a squirt without soap

My father said, rinse hair if you want every day, shampoo not more than once a week. ( defats hair) - or as Mr Teasy Weasy might say  - gives you the frizzy blues


Shower - every day.

Hair - it really depends on its length and your hair type.  My husband washes his every day.  I find washing mine twice a week is sufficient to keep it in best condition.

If you never use any form of soap you are not showering, you are just getting wet under the shower, PP

There is no right  and wrong can depend on your skin and scalp and length of hair.

If you never use any form of soap....

i use toilet soap - - but not on my face

PP, you said, "I shower every day - without soap..."

I am pretty sure that daily hairwashing is bad for your hair.

As for showering, unless you are doing a daily run, gym session etc you def don't need to be doing that either.

I don't think even showering every day is necessary if you don't have a mucky job and not one to smell sweaty.  I do know people who shower twice a day and use a fresh towel every day, ridiculously over the top.

Only when you start humming. My late sister in Canada washed her hair about once a year. Something she learnt from Indians on the reserve where she taught up innthe wilds of Golden.

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How Often Should I Be Showering/Washing Hair?

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