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Clinical Trial Part 3

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Vagus | 09:44 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Yesterday I had my final face to face appointment, and blood taken, for this clinical trial I'm taking part in. I have dates for phone calls I'll receive to check on me, and an app on my phone on which I'll be required to answer some questions at regular intervals.

One of the next trials they're doing I may also be eligible to take part in, as long as it's more than three months since I had the jab for this one. As I found the whole experience very interesting and actually enjoyable, I'd be keen to do another if it fits in.



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Good luck with it all.

Question Author

Thanks OG, makes up for not being called to take part in the Covid vax trial we both volunteered for.

Perhaps you should sign up for 'Our Future Health '.

So far half a million of us have joined, but they want more.

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Interesting Hopkirk, never heard of them. How local is a 'local clinic' as I'm not prepared to travel very far due to circumstances?

I just finished the GRAIL trial - trying to detect cancers from blood samples. Gave 3 samples over a couple of years. I was only a "control" but probably worth doing.

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Well done Dave. I've just looked at that trial and they're not accepting any new participants at the moment, but thanks for telling me about it. It's definitely something I'd be interested in taking part in.

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Hopkirk, just been chatting to OH and we're both going to look further into that, thanks 👍

I didn't have to make a special trip as I'm a regular blood donor. My sample was taken at a donor session.

Lucrative, too.  I hope you do get to do more

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I'm truly not doing it for the money, I had no idea until half way through my first interview/assessment that I would be getting paid. And now having done one and found it extremely interesting I'd be more than happy to do another, paid or not. Of course, the money is nice 😉

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Clinical Trial Part 3

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