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How Often Should I Be Showering/Washing Hair?

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DanicaDoodle | 17:55 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I always have my hair up for work and thus do not always feel the need to wash it, but then that means I do not feel like showing as I usually only shower to wash hair. What do you people think is the best for me or people in general for showering and hairwashing?



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I shower and wash my hair every day, after exercising.  My hair is shiny, soft and bouncy. Still got a full head of hair 

If I washed my hair every day, it would be awful. As it is it is shiny and glossy and curly.

We all have different hair.  Mine goes dry and of course it would be nasty if I didn't wash it when it's been so sweaty

When I was young, daily or every other day hair washing. Now it hates that. My naturally wavy/curly/ frizzy hair is at its best 3 or 4 days after. It always feels terribly dry on day 1. So it's about every 10 days now. If I was working it would be weekly.

It would be best if you were mindful of your work environment. Make sure those around you can't smell body odour.

Danica Doodle was caught in shower

With broken pipe and gushing water

She ran out to buy a new pipe

and forgot her Cousins soap to wipe

and now awaits for rain to pour down over her.

My hair is so short that I can't tell what it is ( curly glossy bouncy etc)

look downwards, Peter, and you may get an idea....if the stomach is too large, use the mirror but don't break it.

Shower every day? Nah - I'd have to get out bed to do that!

I wash my hair every 3 days (in the shower), but I shower properly every other day - it doesn't seem to make much difference.

As often as you feel.

Mr Smow absolutely loves his morning shower - and hair wash - every single day. He says it wakes him up. I shower every morning but not my hair. My hair is quite long, and I loathe washing it anyway - mainly because I can't just wash my hair and leave it to dry naturally. Mainly because it's neither straight or curly, it's inbetween. So if I just wash and leave it, it dries into a daft kind of 'fluff'. So the only way I can get my hair to look sensible is to blow dry it, which I loathe as it takes ages lol. And yes I've tried short hair - and I look ridiculous!

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How Often Should I Be Showering/Washing Hair?

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