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foggyfoggy | 23:31 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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my  pals   step  daughter   stole  a  bank  card    with  draws  money   she  not   entitled  to  use  it   she  willl  not  give  the  bank  card  back   how  can  she  solve  the  problem



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Phone the bank and tell them the card's been stolen.

And the police

Ring bank, get card stopped, and ring the police.

Did she steal the bank card from a family member or family friend? You have said she will 'not give the card back', which makes me think she stole it from someone she knows.

The question might be asked how did she know the PIN number. She might say she was given the card and PIN to make withdrawals 

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she  stole  the  card    the  woman said /she  said  she  kept  pin  and  card  together    

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forget  to  mention   she  stole  it  from  her  mum

The card holder, the mother, should just request that the card is cancelled and a new one issued.

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ta  for  info    she  has  given  the  card   back  today

Just being pedantic -  PIN means Personal Identity Number. So Pin number means Personal Identity Number Number.

Saves a keystroke or six.

Do people actually write a PIN down and keep it with their card?

Why don't they change it to something they CAN remember?

no or yes if you do, the bank wont indemnify you

Thanks atheist. But it's also good to take the audience into account- foggyfoggy/Henry in this case.

You'll find some banks do the same.

Being pedantic, it's 7 not 6 extra keystokes to type number  plus a space after it.

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