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Surgery For Hiatus Hernia

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Patsy33 | 16:01 Thu 15th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Hi all,

Have any of you had surgery for hiatus hernia? I had mybsecond upper GI endoscopy yesterday, and was told hernia has got larger. So it's been put forward to my Doctor, I should  have surgery to repair it in our local city hospital. I was told, they might decide to just keep me on medication, PPi's. I would really like this to go ahead, as I've had a lot of discomfort, ie, food getting stuck in my back, soreness in my chest. I would appreciate if anyone can tell me a bit about how the surgery Is performed, and what's involved etc. Thanks all.



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Hi Patsy

I had an inguinal hernia, which was diagnosed in Aug 2022.

I finally got my op on Sept 2023

As I said in a previous thread, the surgery was a big success. I was advised to get the wound cleaned and redressed every other day( bit ott imho) 

I hope this helped.

An inguinal hernia is massively different from a hiatus hernia!

I would suggest you have a look at this link:

Is the operation a Nissen Fundoplication? If so, I had it done as I didn't want to be on PPIs my whole life. If it is an NF, let me know and I'll tell you about my experience.

Poncey PP says]this really is better asnwered by the surgeon doing the op ( if any) - esp his own results


as me auld mam wd say " can he do the op?"

Yes it should be a Nissen or 'inkpotting' - abd yes it works well in certain patients

all patients are difft.

Question Author

Thank you for your replies. If I have it done, I don't know yet which method will be used. I know the Nissen Fundoplication is the latest less invasive op they do. I'm not sure what to think about your reply, rockyracoon..I hope yours was successful?

I'll have to wait and see what next consultant says.

Make sure3 you speak to the guy doing it

You dont want the great Mr X's ( fantastic) results if Mr Y is doing it - make sure you mention food is getting stuck

Question Author

Good points, Peter. I'll have to make sure I understand everything, and get the best surgeon! 😀

Mr b had one done around 20 years ago. NF.

when he woke up from the anaesthetic it was instantly better and has remained that way since.

He was in hospital 2 nights because he had a temp but was OK. It was done laprascopically 

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That's good to know  bednobs. Glad it worked out for him. 😀

The NF was the best thing I ever did. Food restrictions for about 6 weeks after. Have been PPI free for 6 years now.

Drawback- vomiting can reverse the op.

As with Bednobs OH, it was done laparoscopically

Question Author

That's great news, Rocky. How does someone stop vomiting if ill?? That's worrying.

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Surgery For Hiatus Hernia

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