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Well, They Ask You Not To Go To A&E, So I Didn't, Then I Had To..

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jourdain2 | 23:08 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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See G.P. not A&E the mantra. So I did just that re my very painful hip.  (Previous Question)

On Sunday morning I moved inadvisedly, trying to get out of bed, and huge pain resulted in my daughter taking me to Scarborough A&E at lunchtime. Triage rushed me onto a trolley in the corridor at A&E.  An X-ray confirmed that the liner on my r-hip had torn away from the bone even more. 'Water only' was written on my notes in expectation of an op. that night or on Monday.  At midnight I was allowed a tuna sandwich.  I was kept on morphine for the pain, but remained on the trolley in the main corridor until morning (back to nil by mouth of course).  Could not sleep, not a lot of fun, but staff wonderful although consultant evening before had been brusque.

Mid-morning consultant arrived, trailing student doctors with clip-boards. He shook hands and informed me that because I had tried to go through GP and they had booked an appt. for me with Osteology at Brid. on 26th Feb. - he was going to treat me as 'elective' and send me home. No further pain-relief was offered but I had to wait for a physio - who gave me a foot-loop to lift my R.leg with.

Consultant also said, as he turned away, that 'it needs sticking back somehow, they have better kit at Bridlington'.  I deduce that he didn't know how to fix it.  He added that 'they'll need to know the type of replacement, some sort of reference no.' I'd told him that it was done 20 years ago in France.  How do I provide that, please?  I told him I couldn't walk - that's when he said he'd send the physio.

Everyone I know thinks that this treatment is terrible - so do I.

Any ideas anyone.  Too exhausted, shocked and upset to ring GP today, I'll do so tomorrow.





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Jourdain, I have no advice nor words of wisdom but I am shocked that you are experiencing this lack of humanity from the people who should be helping you. 

I hope you find a way to cope, get a good night's sleep and some sound advice from people who know more than me.

I sincerely hope you are properly treated soon.


One reason we're not allowed guns as a rule.

Absolutely unacceptable the boyo plays to the gallery as he wafts through a well paid day.

I think this is dreadful and, obviously, the Consultant was "passing the buck" so to speak.  If this had happened to me, I would be making a formal complaint to NHS .. (England) in your case and you will find lots of info on this if you google "Making a complaint to NHS England".  I had occasion once to make such a complaint and it was handled in an excellent manner and was resolved to my satisfaction.

Do Bridlington have an A&E dept.? You could present yourself to them if you have increasing pain  , after you give the exercises a go .


OMG that's horrific. Don't know what to say that will help but am sending you a massive cuddle xx

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Good God, give it a rest Hymie.

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Maybe contact your MP and ask them to make a fuss.


Local newspapers may be worth asking if they'd like a human interest story too; but that is more useful as a threat as it'd take time to be published even if they wanted to.

Of course you may have a local radio station that may be interested too.

I've just seen this Jourdaine.  I'm so sorry.  That consultant needs reporting.  Noone should have to go through an experience like that.  Hopefully, things are moving for you now.  Sending my very best wishes .   

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Hymie  I wouldn't be here now if I hadnt had excellent  speedy treatment from the NHS 14 months ago which was down initially to my GP and then wonderful hospital treatment. Don't use threads like this for your warped political reasons.  

Hymie, have you any useful, practical suggestions or advice for jourdain?  

Question Author

Thank you all for your interest and efforts -Hymie, I'm not interested in the why things are like this. I can't walk and I am in pain, even trying to turn over in bed.

annea. I would have gone to A&E at Brid if there were one, but there isn't. Scarborough is the nearest at 12 miles - the others are York and Hull both c.40 miles away. Brid is the centre for orthopaedics.



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Oh Jourdain, I am so very sorry to hear this.  Utterly disgraceful.


Hymie, the government doesn't run the NHS.  Stop trying to politicise this thread.   

So sorry jourdain. I do hope it will soon be sorted out for you. Sending a hug (very gently).

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You can hear many many bad stories about the NHS, but if you are well and healthy its easy to dismiss them. Its not until you need to use them that you find out just how bad it can really be. Government are turning the other cheek and up to a point ignoring the problems people are having getting the teatment they need.

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Well, They Ask You Not To Go To A&E, So I Didn't, Then I Had To..

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