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Finding Chilblain Cream..

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Patsy33 | 15:48 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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I was in Superdrug a few days, and asked if they had any cream for chilblains. I was told no, I'd have to go to Pharmacy. So I went along to Boots, where there was a long queue. The woman in front was there for ages.  By the time it was my turn, the assistant said they dint stock Boots own cream anymore. I was shocked by this. Always kept a little tube of their cream in, as I used to suffer terrible with chilblains. I'd like to know I have something, just in case..I can buy some on line, but very surprised could get it in said pharmacy.



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when i was little my granny told me to pee in a pot and dip feet in ,sounds revolting but it took the itch away x

Patsy. Look on line for nhs choices. They will make a suggestion as to what might help. Or......... there's always the urine .

Boots is a failing company these days.  A lot of their branches have  closed and they have drastically reduced their staff numbers.  Also in our boots Boots there are often  no pharmacists on duty to help.  Fortunately we have a large pharmacy in the same building as our medical practice.

Countrylover, I have been trying for a couple of months to buy their own Echinacea in the orange shiny box, they never have it in stock anymore.  What is going on?? 

I can't find any either, but my Deep heat tube says ok for chilblains and a friend told me she uses Vicks rub.,of%20its%20slicker%2C%20glitzier%20rivals.&text=%E2%80%9CBoots%20not%20only%20has%20an,says%20retail%20analyst%20Natalie%20Berg.


I used to love Boots. But in recent years my local city centre branch has become overly noisy, frenetic and expensive...concentrating a lot on make-up, beauty and fragrance. I like those things as much as the next woman, and enjoyed browsing, but as I said it's expensive and difficult to actually look now...horrible lighting and awkward displays. Colour rarely shows up properly. 

As for more practical items, it's easier to go to Superdrug, B and M, or fact for most anything. 

Sorry couldn't help with chilblain cream.

The NHS website doesn't seem to sugest that there's anything particulary special about chilblain cream:

I suspect that any anti-itch cream will do the job.  I always keep a tube of E45 Itch Relief (or Eurax Itch Relief) handy for any itch problems.

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Yes, Boots going down hill fast, Unfortunately.

Assistant in Superdrug, said she seen some in Poundland. So,off I trot to said store, assistant looked at me as if I was mad, when I asked for it! 😄

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Thanks for that, Buen. I have both that you mention. I'm OK at the moment. My toes start to itch when snow is in the air! Just like to have something handy, in case...

I've seen two recommendations for chilblains, one is called Balmosa (superdrug) and Tiger Balm (Home Bargains). I haven't used them.

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Thanks to all for your replies. There's always a wee remedy...

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Oh, right. Thanks The Winner. Will look out for them.

Well, E45 anti-itch contains urea, so back to mally at 14:49. Incidentally, I read the first part of mally's post to my wife who completed it word for word - it always worked on her as a young girl.

These ancient remedies (pee) are always the best - modern pharmacy companies sell any old rubbish which makes a tidy profit.

I use pee lotion for showering and pee cream for skin.  25% urea!!

I don't stand in a  bucket of pee though!  

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Old wives tales re remedies, are usually the best, Canary. I've never tried it..😬

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This urea seems fo be the magic potion! Thanks Countrylover 😁

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Finding Chilblain Cream..

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