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Reducing High Blood Pressure

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JinnyJoan | 19:38 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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Got mine done and I was happy enough with it - but doctor wants me to keep on these tablets which of my opinion are making my legs very very heavy


Just wonder what human food would reduce pressure




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there isnt one or else we wd all be taking it.

Remember - it is your choice - if ya doan wanna take blood pressure tablets, then dont

Heed your doctor.  But don't add salt to your meals.

Eat plenty fruit and vegetables.

Avoid too much salt.

Avoid too much caffeine.

Avoid too much alcohol.

Be aware of other foods which might elevate your blood pressure.  (I love liquorice but my BP rockets up when I eat it!).

Also eat "a low-fat diet that includes lots of fibre, such as wholegrain rice, bread and pasta, and plenty of fruit and vegetables":

Two things that I eat regularly that have good measured results in reducing high blood pressure are blueberries (both fresh and dried) and beetroot (also a glass of beetroot juice every morning).

JJ did you tell your GP they make your legs feel heavy, is it one of the side effects?

The GP could always try you on a different one.

I believe that alcohol is good for reducing blood pressure. But better have that checked by someone better qualfied than I am.

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I told the Gp legs  are like tree trunks and I'm staggerering all over the place - fed up and am fed with being between and betwixt

your knowledge and the GP s knowledge -  who is right or wrong.;

I heed the doctor, but as I need life to be bearable I also add sufficient salt to my food, drink a reasonable amount of caffeine from my tea & coffee, and drink a moderate amount of alcohol too. It seems to have done the trick over the years. Although I'd recommend trying not to be too overweight too. Just enough to be cuddly.

I have been taking blood pressure tablets for years. 

What meds are you on. I'm on 5mg Amlodipine, one daily.

^^ That has the side-effect of swollen legs if dosage too high which 5 mg is not.

Like others have said. Salt is the biggest enemy, and its also the hardest to avoid but, put some effort into it and you can reduce it big time. Many of the products, if not all have massive amounts of salt in them, items you would never dream of having. The biggest shock i had was the amount of salt in stock cubes, madness, but the list is really endless. I never ever now put salt on any meal. Any amount you can cut down on the better. Good luck to you.

18.55 Buen. I had a shock when i found out that liquorice has got loads of salt in it. I loved it, but stopped when i saw the salt content :0(

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thanks for answers - but absolutely no swollen knees, ankles, actually nothing swelled but today had a little swaggering according to neighbour - I do need to perhaps to start walking more - definitely don;t want any more medication.  

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^^^^ and very little salt - just what's in the ingredient 

I can't really tell you canary.  I have angina and I take a lot of tablets.    I am ok though.  I   Just get on with it 

bobbie, I think canary was asking jinnyjoan about her medication

Oh oops. He question was directly under mine I thought she was asking me what I was taking.  God you have to be so careful on here.

sorry bobbie, I didn't mean any harm, I'm sure it doesn't really matter x

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Reducing High Blood Pressure

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