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Reducing High Blood Pressure

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JinnyJoan | 19:38 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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Got mine done and I was happy enough with it - but doctor wants me to keep on these tablets which of my opinion are making my legs very very heavy


Just wonder what human food would reduce pressure




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Bobbie, my question was to the OP, but I'm also happy to hear from you too. 😊

Go back to your GP if it impacts on your life that much.  But  heavy legs can also come from high BP, if you are generally weak, even though you don't have obvious swelling.  

Leg pain and aching rather than heaviness is more commonly the effect of BP meds and sometimes statins are said to cause it too ( although the research evidence currently doesn't support the anecdotal reports)and



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Reducing High Blood Pressure

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