Does It Hurt A Lot To Be Stabbed? How Does It Feel To Be Stabbed?

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alien77 | 00:38 Tue 17th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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Does it hurt a lot to be stabbed? How does it feel to be stabbed?


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You certainly ask some strange questions!

As with any laceration or penetrating wound, the actual site is all important. Plenty of people have been stabbed and only thought that they'd been punched. (i.e. they felt the blow but not any pain from the stab wound itself). It was only when they realised that they were bleeding that they discovered that they'd been stabbed.

Equally though, there are some areas of the body where there are loads of nerves. If they get severed by a stab wound it will hurt intensely.
witch hunters used to "prove" people were witches by sticking pins in them where they wouldn't feel it, which allegedly showed they were in league with Satan. In fact there are "numb" places on the body, but it has nothing to do with the Arch Fiend.
There's really only one way to find out...
I stabbed myself through my hand once taking out an avocado stone. There was a lot of blood ( I thought I was bleeding to death) but funnily enough no pain.
Let us know.
Well, Maggie Thatcher wasn't very happy when Geoff Howe stabbed her in the back.
I hope I never have to find out !
// Plenty of people have been stabbed and only thought that they'd been punched. (i.e. they felt the blow but not any pain from the stab wound itself)//

common. As happened to Sisi - the estranged Empress Elizabeth of Austria ( madder than Diana, lordy lordy). She was stabbed by an anarchist who cdnt find anyone better, and insisted on "carrying on - so she later died on a steamer ( probably cardiac tamponade). " I really loved her" whimpered the Emperor of Austria ( not given to whimpering most times) and by god she had led him a pretty dance (*)

Stabbed in the neck ( stiletto) most of the time they dont know. Sabre - they do know, blood everywhere

not sure what it is like being stabbed in the abdo ( tummy to you) - the 'goo' should be pretty painful almost immediately.

what about being stabbed in the foo-foo?
l'affaire luhaka = l'affaire theo
answer - yes very
Theo Luhaka was arrested by the French police and that involved a telescopic truncheon and his bottom.
Unfortunately ( or... fortunately) it as caught on CCTV despite denials

French required to read that one as this is a family site and in English may be just too shocking. Land of the Bidets, honestly
(*) oops
On January 8, 1866, Sisi met Count Andrássy Gyula for the first time. They met many times and Andrássy even wrote several love letters to Sisi.

oh god he was a dirty dog.

Konigsmark was someone else ( lover of George I wife and George locked HER up in a cell in Celle for 20 y )
I have been shot twice in the leg - pain too horrific - you can't feel it.
Jay Jay what a rought life you lead !
I have to admit most people who have been shot seem to know it and sort of where ( the bullet is)

ramble - 10th anniv of Arena - hibbert - wheel chair bound, talks of being awake before his first operation and being told he was going to be paralysed whatever....

Why are you asking?
Don't feel at the time but boy afterwards. Behind knee and ball of leg
How, JJ? Did you get somehow caught up in the troubles in Belfast?
Yes a lot of shooting from passing cars no onec was caught. Got £200 for my pain
God! How frightening for you. Horrendous. X
Crikey, JJ, how awful!
I hope you nor anyone you come into contact with ever find out. Posts like this are very worrying, it is not a normal thing to think about.
Alien posts some strange questions but never comes back to the thread.
I've been stabbed in the heart on numerous occasions. Burnley lasses can be awfy cruel:-J

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Does It Hurt A Lot To Be Stabbed? How Does It Feel To Be Stabbed?

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