Anybody Had A Cataract Removal Op Recently?

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ladybirder | 11:08 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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If so, how long before you were able to see clearly out of that eye again?
Thank you.


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Mr T had both eyes done last year and he could see clearly with each eye, once he was home and the plastic 'goggle' was taken off. So, almost instant he would say.

He couldn't get over the improvement!
My dad has, and could see clearly as soon as he took the dressing off. One day, I think.
The day that I took the dressing/patch off Lady.
The day after the op.
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Thank you for your answers, I had a horrible feeling you would say that. Had my op on Saturday so this is my third day. First and 2nd day nothing except a blur until a light was on and then I could see a blur with a light in the middle. Today I can see some blurred shapes so that is an improvement, albeit slight. I have followed the instructions to the letter for the drops etc so I have no idea why I'm struggling, I'm a magnifying glass now. It's putting me off having the other eye done.
Get in touch with your specialist team right away Lady. This is easily sorted out by them.
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I was just about to follow your advice Togo and searching for a phone number to call when I saw, "It is possible for your vision to remain blurred for a week following surgery or possibly longer."
So apologies, I should have seen that before posting the question.
Both mine took a week to settle down.
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Thanks Sparkly, that's interesting. It looks as if I may well get the same with my other eye then I guess. OOer!
We forgive you for not being able to read the script easily at the moment Lady. :)) Sparkly's post is reassuring though. Must say I didn't remember that info. but I do remember the astonishment when I could count the leaves on the trees 50ft away. Will you be able to drive without spectacles, but just need them for reading?
Tip for ayone who has had the op. I found that my eyes were very sensitive to the car air con. and prolonged use of a pc. They were dry and itchy or would water. I use these drops now. Atad expensive but honestly worth the dosh. This is the double pack, you can get a single bottle to try it out if you have similar issues. User Recommendation
When my colleague had hers done the first one was nearly a week before normal sigh but the second one was next day, so you never know. Hope it all goes well
I could see clearly as soon as I took the patch off the next day. I am having the other eye done in two weeks so hope it goes well. Best wishes for anyone having this op
Ladybirder - do you have anyone at home to put the drops in for you or can you do it yourself as I believe they put a little "covering" over the eye.

Why I'm asking is my sister had to for a consultation re her cataract and I just wondering would she need me to administer the drops?
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Togo I don't know whether I'll need specs for reading or distance. I don't recall anyone asking or telling me. How ridiculous is that! Gosh, counting the leaves on a tree straight after how wonderful. I can't even see the trees over-looking my garden which are higher than our flats. I can tell you there are no leaves on them though;-). I'll keep your user recommendation until I'm driving again thank you.

That's good to know chelle and bobbie, thank you.

JJ, she might need your help. I had to take my cover off first day at home after sleeping with it on overnight. I have to administer my drops myself as I'm still self isolating. She needs to hold her head well back or they will run down her face which is what happened to me a couple of times but I'm fine now. If you don't think she can manage that it's good she has you to help her. xx
It is usually one or the other Lady. I was asked whether I prefered long sight and specs for reading or near sight and specs for driving etc. My long sight is now as good as it was when I was a teenager, but I now faff about looking for reading specs. Taken to wearing em round my neck like an old biddy so that I don't have to fetch em everytime I want to read something 10 inches away. I think that is why the aircon now affects my eyes. I don't wear specs to drive and I used to. I have to remember to put sunglasses on if the light is good enough then I am OK.
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Oh I loved my varifocals. Couldn't I have bifocals, clear at the top and reading at the bottom? Saves faffing about looking for my specs.
straight away apparently....just like having a cornea correction.
Any better today LB?
I had both mine done last year within 2 months of each other. The left eye (1st) was clear almost immediately. My right eye took much longer, probably because I had an injected anaesthetic for reasons beyond my ken. The blood which leaked has still not quite dissipated and occasionally my eye is blurry. Inbetween it is quite clear, however, so I'm not worrying.

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Anybody Had A Cataract Removal Op Recently?

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