How Do I Know If A Girl Likes Me?

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Jack8991 | 21:01 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Body & Soul
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So I’m a 23 year old male who has never had a girlfriend so I’m asking this to see if more experienced people in dating could offer some insight. I’ve recently been on an art course and on this course is a young lady who has been sat next to me. We’ve been talking and eventually started laughing and joking. At one point she knocked my hand in a joking way when I was drawing and the next time I went there she dropped her pencil on the floor and as she went to pick it up (whilst we were sat down) she pressed the side of her head against my knee. I’ve heard that if a girl makes unnecessary physical contact with you it is a sign she may like you. I want to make sure before I maybe ask her out. Thanks


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Don't bother with things you have read or heard. Just be alert for signs - unnecessary physical contact may be one of them - but are you sure the contacts she made were unnecessary?
Main thing is to relax; you will know by eye contact, many small things and that indefinable something called 'chemistry'.
If you are laughing and joking - then she obviously likes you. Why not suggest that you go for a coffee after art class? No one is committed to anything and you may find out how well you get along.
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Jourdain2- thanks for your answer. What I mean by unnecessary touches was that there was absolutely no need for her to rest her head on my knee as she bent down to pick up her pencil. She also once touched my back from behind when she came in and said ‘hi’
oh - she has got the "hots" for you. Just go for it.
Isn't this the same question that you asked only a day or two ago?

make THE MOVE!
As davebro said, just do it, and ask her out! The only person who can give you a definite answer is the young lady herself! Get on with it! She can only say 'no'.
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Neveracrossword- yes I did because it wasn’t getting any answers at the time so I asked it again under a different category
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Jenny Joan- thanks. So just to clarify, as you are a woman yourself, if a girl makes some kind of physical contact with a guy more than once that is unnecessary, is that a big indicator she finds the guy physically attractive?
Make sure you let us know what happens
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Ellie may- I will do!
THanks, Jack8991. You seem to need an awful lot of reassurance, confirmation etc. The fact that a girl makes unnecessary physical contact with you could be a sign she may like you - then again, it might not. She might just be someone who thinks nothing of 'unnecessary physical contact' (some people are very tactile). You have to be careful that you are not reading too much into little things simply to make those fit with what you'd like to be the case.
Do you know her name - sounds as if it could be Pat Ella?
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Neveracrossword- I do catch her looking at me quite a bit and the one touch that really surprised me was when she picked her pencil up from under the desk she placed her head on my thigh, which she really didn’t have to do just to pick up a pencil. I think I’m looking for reassurance because I’ve not had a girlfriend before
Jack8991, I'm glad you've got as far now as thinking she's interested in you - and maybe she is. There's only one way to find out...
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I asked her out for a drink at the weekend today and she said yes! Thanks guys
Good luck !
Jack - Be aware, she may simply see you as a friend.

As a confirmed and long-term student of the way women think, I have learned one very important lesson - if a girl is interested in you as a boyfriend, she will let you know.

What you need to be aware of is, seeing 'signals' that are not really there, because you wish they were - such as the pressing her head against your knee.

You would love that to be a 'sign of interest' - trust me, it's not.

If you get to the stage where yuu go out for an evening, there will come the 'goodnight' part, and here again, if she wants you to kiss her, she will let you know.

She will face you, maker prolonged eye contact, maybe move towards you, and if these things don't happen, don't act as though they have because you wish they had.

Trying to kiss a girl who doesn;t feel that way is a bell you can't un-ring, and you may lose a potential friend through it.

Remember - missing the opportunity to move things forward is not a big deal - it's a forward stop you can make another time.

Taking an opportunity that is not really there is a big deal, you can't step back from that.

Take it nice and steady, don't rush, read the signs that are there, even if they are not ones you hoped for, that way you will keep your dignity!

Good luck.

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How Do I Know If A Girl Likes Me?

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