Lateral Flow Tests

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jennyjoan | 10:50 Wed 01st Dec 2021 | Body & Soul
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called over to see neighbour - and as usual when we got talking about bits and pieces - were talking about the above.

She says she 6 of the above a week free from the Chemist

Her other 4 daughters get the same.

Would this be true - are LFT free.


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yes ,got 2 boxes from our chemist x
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Mally - do you order them and would you have to be suffering from underlying conditions etc.

Like I can't believe it as surely if everybody knew - they would be away in a flash.
They've been handing out free LFTs in our local market place for weeks now and there are 7 tests in each box.
I was given a number to ring ( cant find it now!) and I was sent a box of 7 tests for free just a week ago.
You can get them from most pharmacies in NI no underlying conditions necessary
You can order them and they get sent through the post or you can pick them up at most/all pharmacies. All for free.
Yes, here they are given out freely. I have a pile of them,
Please remember we are in NI not England
just called in chemist for some more and you now have to go online to get a 16 numbered code then the chemist gives you them .no you don't have to have symptoms x
Jennyjoan, I know you are in Northern Ireland, as am I, so I know the info I give will apply to you.
You can get the lateral flow tests from any Boots pharmacies.
Some of the smaller independent pharmacy may not have them but pharmacies such as Gordons and Boots will give them to you free of charge.
Or you can order them online to be sent to your home. Link below.
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ok - thanks for that info
LFTs are free - - here

there are a variety of boxes to tick - you should check the - - " are you a cruddy OAP with a wonky woo-woo ?"

answer yes.....even if its ok - you never know next week
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Peadar Pedant - what the hell is a wonky woo woo - a man's charlie - get outta here - I'm not transgender LOL
He's just having a relapse after having to speak in real sentences a few minutes ago.
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Ach I know Mamy - that's our Pete for you. LOL
they are free in most chemists
but if you want to buy some I can get my hand son some : )
god you try to help
by giving an URL - and possible answers that will guarantee an unending supply of lat flow tests

and all the usual suspects do is - - - wheel out the well-used one-liners ! - huh!
JJ can't get them from your link Peter.

Read the thread first.
Peter is trying to help jj :-)

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Lateral Flow Tests

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