4 1/2 Pound Off At Slimming World

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Bobbisox1 | 18:59 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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A very happy me :0)

not sure if this is the right category ?


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Well done Bobbi, hold your head high.
Well done you.

Is that in just one week?
Question Author
Thanks Maggie, I haven’t a lot to lose thankfully but can feel the difference already
Question Author
Yes just I week Lcg , salads and fruit , and going out to the pub as well
I must admit that salad is all I can manage in this weather. I did make some soup the other day which was very tasty but I was sweltering after having some.
Question Author
I did the gammon joint in Diet Coke , it was mmmmm :0)
There is a weight loss topic Bobbi, if that's what you were looking for.

Well done you x
Question Author
Thank you Mamya, I doubt if I’ll be making many posts on it though, just very happy with my first week there
Quite right too, impressive.
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I’ll aim for a stone to get me back to pre lockdown
I was a Slimming World consultant for several years and ran several large groups. Very enjoyable and still keep in touch with many members.
Well done. Slimming World is fantastic and I lost 6lb in my first week back in 2018. Until lockdown messed things up, I had lost over 4 stone. Will be glad to get back to group to sort out the effects of the lockdown and closure of swimming pools have brought about. Keep up the good work!
Question Author
You too electro,all I want is to feel comfortable in my clothes , that’s a fantastic weight lost you had
Do you have potatoes and bread on your weight loss diet Bobbi?
Question Author
Not so much bread now Patsy but potatoes yes, I enjoy them on a salad which has loads of speed food on it
I read that as money off the subscription and was just about to say, that's not much!
Good job I read what other had said.:-)
Well done you. I think I might have to consider doing something like this as I'm getting nowhere with my own way of trying to lose weight.

Question Author
I need the discipline of those scales in my group Barsel , I think you cheat at home , least I did :0)
Question Author
I call it my ‘ Lockdown Lard’ haha
Is Slimming World just about the food, or do you have to promise to exercise as well?
Question Author
You don’t have to , I don’t apart from walking but I would anyway

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4 1/2 Pound Off At Slimming World

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