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Barsel | 16:06 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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Just been to the optician who said I have a cyst on the white of my eye and this has caused me to have a dry eye.
We have some drops for that, that will be £13.99 thank you.
I asked if I could get it on prescription from my GP as I don't pay for prescriptions but I was told no.
Don't want to phone GP to ask if that's right, so hoping someone her can tell me. TIA.


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I have Minims artificial tears for dry eye on prescription, ask your GP if those would do the same job.
My elderly relative gets them on prescription but he does have sight in only one eye and has to take other drops for a serious eye condition that is threatening his eyesight in his good eye. Those drops cause dry eyes, hence the Thealoz.
Ask your GP, see what she says
I would imagine you'll only be able to get it on prescription if the Opticians appointment was a referral from your GP practise.
My optician advised that I buy (from them) Hyco San Extra 7.5 ml eye drops, as I have the same eye condition that you have. I paid £9.99 for the eye drops, and I use them once daily. I have looked online to see if they can be obtained on prescription, but I have had no luck.
I get Monopost eye drops on prescription. Initially it was prescribed by the opthalmic surgeon I was referred to. My GP then accepted that I needed it and I now have it on repeat.
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Thanks for your answers. Zacs, I wasn't referred by my doctor, so perhaps that's why they said I couldn't get them from the GP.
He said I only need to use them for 6 weeks, so hopefully I won't be paying that out every month.
I think someone has mentioned Hylo Forte
which IS available on Rx
and you dont pay for

ask GP

Why don't you go to your doctor, tell him what the optician diagnosed and then he can prescribe the drops. Couldn't he ?
Would a GP write out a prescription based only on the patient's account of what was said by the optician?
We're back to the same discussion that's been had on here before. Should the NHS pay for a medicine that can be bought over the counter without a prescription. In my opinion, No. There are more urgent uses for that money.
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Corby, the optician gave me an eye health form which states the problem and the treatment and of course the receipt for the eye drops.
ladybirder, I think we all know because of our circumstances how much we can afford to spend on certain things, and the cost of these eye drops is half the amount of my weekly shop.
If your weekly shop is £100 and you were asked to pay £50 for eye drops, it's the same thing, and as a pensioner who lives entirely on benefits, I would not spend that amount of money over the counter for them, but I had no choice really as at the time I felt I couldn't refuse to buy them.
I would 'phone the GP to see if you can get it on prescription. If he says "No", you're no worse off.

If he says "Yes", get it and then take the optician's one back and demand a refund for misleading you. If he says it's been used so he can't accept it, tell him that's his problem, not yours.

If he won't budge, tell him you want to make a complaint and if need be, you'll take it further.

"Which?" has advice about complaining here

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Thanks Corby. I am just going to put it down to learning a lesson which I won't repeat.
In a way, I felt I was put on the spot and not really given a choice of getting them on prescription from my GP, but I've learnt from that and know what I would do if I am ever put in that position again.
I would contact the GP still, I doubt it would be a long conversation and you could get back £13.99 that's better in your purse than the optician's.
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Ok Corby, I'll have a look at the link you have posted and see if it's possible to get a refund. Thanks again.
Good luck!
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I have taken some steps.
Phoned my pharmacy who told me I could have got them on prescription and then phoned the opticians and they said they will get someone to phone me back.
I'm doing this mainly to let them know they shouldn't be giving incorrect info to people.
If I get my money back, that will be a bonus.
Thanks again Corby.
Glad you are sorted, barsel
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Thanks barry.
Don't take a "No" from the optician. Ask for their complaints procedure and tell them you'll contact the OCCS if you don't get a full refund.

You never know, if might have been a genuine lack of knowledge on the optician's part but you shouldn't have to pay to educate him.

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