Tumour Between Spleen And Pancreas

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eve1974 | 20:11 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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Anyone heard of this?

She is late 30s and it was discovered after she was admitted following a “bad turn post covid vac”. They’ve removed her spleen.

It’s a family friends daughter in law


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Hopefully someone will know Eve, I don't I'm afraid.

It sounds very unlikely to be related to the vaccination itself.
Not really enough information to comment. What symptoms did she have. What did scan show. What treatment is she having now
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Yeah totally NOT related to vac. It was only found coincidentally after she had a “bad turn” post vac

I don’t know any preceding symptoms but it seems this has taken the family completely by surprise so I’d have though symptoms must not have been showing much.

Really feel for them so much!
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I don’t know what treatment yet, she was admitted last night and spleen removed today,

All we’ve heard is malignant tumour was between spleen n pancreas but that spleen itself was removed
Yes, I am familiar with the situation.
From what we know from your post, it sounds like pancreatic cancer andthat is not good news.
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Am I correct , sqad, In thinking that pancreatic cancer is one of those whose symptoms don’t show up until it’s “too late”?

She’s only late 30s.
Friend of mine in the States had the Whipple and has lived 5 years plus now - no radio or chemo therapy and she was back to work in 5 months, 55 at the time....the thing was that they caught her condition very early.
eve.......quite correct.
just check, she's still kicking, aged 66!
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That is welcome news dtc so glad for your friend n her fam!

Of course I don’t even know for sure what the cancer is / prognosis is.

Just always a shock when it’s someone young who had no idea this was lurking.

Cancer is an awful, hungry beast.

My Husb is in remission from aml, my sis in law a survivor of v early appendix cancer (found purely by chance due to an unrelated abdominal op) whilst
My wonderful mum is newly Dx Breast cancer.

And now we hear of this family friends DIL.

I wonder if there will ever be a cure?

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Tumour Between Spleen And Pancreas

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