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HFJL2020 | 22:01 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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had a call to day from my health centre offering me the virus jab i refused some of my pals have refused it saying its not safe enough


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There is that Bednobs.
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enough said thank u
Take care.
Poor Henry. I think he was just making conversation.
have there been side effects? I think there were some allergic reactions early on but I don't know if that's still happening.
You can get an allergic reaction to peanuts, and many other foods.
you can, whcih means you stay away from peanuts. But does that also mean you stay away from the jab? Or do you request one of the other jabs instead?
"I'm not getting the vaccine, it's a microchip so they know where you are"

Says Jade with no qualifications in microchips, or medicine, on facebook, via a smart phone, who uses Google maps to get to places then tags herself into a location with a selfie, listens to Spotify, on said phone while walking there and sometimes jogs using Strava, gets localised offers from Groupon and Quidco,and talks to Alexa without the slightest hint of irony....just convinced she's right and the worlds best scientists and the NHS have made up an elaborate plot for most of the year for the sole aim of figuring out what night she goes to bingo and how often she pops into Tesco Express (where she uses her club card and credit card....the list could go on)

*stole from FB :-)
I've had the first dose of the Pfizer jab and have no lasting effects to report.

You would be far better putting your foil hat and your conspiracy theories away and accepting that getting the jab is a much better option than getting Covid, the latter being much more likely to leave you with devastating, long-term effects.

Just ask my uncle who was taken to hospital in an ambulance 9 months ago and still hasn't been discharged yet. His vocal cords are so damaged from being on a ventilator that he now has a tracheostomy and a PEG tube for feeding.
There are certainly going to be side effects when you get infected with the virus, which you are sure to do, if you don't accept the vaccination.

The side effects from the virus are well documented by both those who have survived the virus and those who are now dead from the virus.

Which side effects do you prefer? The ones that don't appear to exist as a result of the vaccine, or the ones that can kill you as a result of catching the virus. Please decide for yourself. Don't be influenced by the opinion of your friends.
My daughter has had it. The only symptom was extreme tiredness. Her step mother could barely get out of bed.
The after effects can appear sometime later. I wasn't too bad during the virus but I get short of breath now on minimal exertion. I hope these effects will get better over time - I'd hate to think they were permanent.

My uncle has been told his recovery will take at least two years if not longer and it's unlikely he'll ever return to his pre-Covid fitness. If he could turn back time and have a vaccine (if only one had been available then) I'm sure he'd give his right arm for the chance.
She has youth on her side so fingers crossed she'll have no effects.
Is your daughter better now ummm ?
Good. That's me moving up the queue a bit then.
Yes. She's had a negative test back. She's still isolating though. She was suppose to start a new job on Monday but they've delayed her start date so it means she'll be isolating for a month. Just in case. She feels fine.
Good .
Madness. Ask your gp
When talk of a vaccine first started back in May, we were told that the prospect of a vaccine in the near future was unlikely, as new vaccines are thoroughly tested over a period of 5 years before being given to patients. Those 5 years appear to have become 5 months. You shouldn't disrespect peoples' choice. That's the trouble with some people on here. My way or the highway, yer know, the John Wayne method of reasoning.
Mad to listen to mates but not ask your doctor.

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