Covid Vaccination

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smurfchops | 18:43 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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Will you have it or wait to see if there are any side effects?


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No smurfy, I will have the vaccine and as for waiting for side effects, one may have to wait a long time....particularly if there aren't any.
I’ll be first in the queue when my time comes.
I wish I’d been called for the trials and am disappointed I wasn’t, having signed up for two of them.
i will have it as soon as I am called.
Wait and see.
Waiting for the text and I'll be there
Theres a pecking order based on health need and age so am not expecting to get the call until Spring anyway so by then we should of heard of any issues, but if alls going well theres no reason to hang back. The sooner a return to normal the better
I'm third in the queue . Given my age and vulnerability it's the Queen first, Philip next, then me .
Have it like a shot. Wife is in one of the vulnerable groups so she may get it first.
yes have it
no there arent any serious side effects

in a few hundred thousand .... we have had this before. If you have a run of 3 000 000 vaccinations without serious side effects ( like someone dropping dead) then the chance of a side effect is less than one in a million ( rule of 3)

the russian one sputnik V is said to be 1-300 and that is denied ( of course )
altho 10 % of the pop at least are over 60 - so 6 m
BUT a million flu jabs are routinely given every year

so it is not an impossible issue to roll it out
I'd have it this very moment if it was offered......
I’ll be at the head of the queue for my age group.
Will have it as soon as it is offered. My sleeve is rolled up ready
No. I won't.
Just wandering if thats your answer to both question's ummm???
you mean the question of have it and dont have it?
well this is AB so it may well be
I will as soon as I'm called, quite a way down the list. The way it is produced means it is highly unlikely to have issues with allergies etc and as far as I can tell from what's been published the worst side effect noted has been a couple of days fatigue. As I get the flu like illness every time I have a flu jab ( apparently it indicates a strong immune response) it would be a lot better than that.
I'd have it like a 'shot', if you'll pardon the word. All the same, it seems to me that there are still quite of lot of questions to be answered.

Depending on which news source you use, the Oxford vaccine is described as 'up to' 90% effective, or 'only' 70% effective. If I were an authorizing agency, I'd want to know a lot more about the Phase 3 trial results before letting it out for the entire population.

The Pfizer vaccine sounds a lot better, but how many fridges are there in the world that can keep & transport large quantities at -80°C? (I'd consider buying shares in liquid nitrogen companies, but at -196°C that might be too cold & kill the vaccine.)

From a Public Health perspective, it's certainly going to pose the biggest exercise since the elimination of Smallpox. The remaining expertise in such a campaign, such as the Polio elimination initiative, primarily understands the issues in developing countries.

The developed world's health services are going to have to learn quite a lot very quickly. I'm a bit afraid that their management capability won't always be up to it & that some mistakes will occur. Mix in the inevitable political interference and there will be no end of buck-passing when something serious takes place.
A thought the 70% 90% thing was for whether u have 1 shot or 2 smaller one's??
satprof I did some research. Apparently the bar for efficacy is 50%
The "up to" 70% figure is apparently 62%, as reported in the BMJ, when two standard doses are given one month apart BUT if a half dose is given and a month later a whole dose, the efficacy figure leaps to 90%!

For me the two hooks are getting folk back for the second dose which is notoriously difficult with any 2 dose regimen; and how much latitude there is one the one month gap becuae hitting 28 (or 30) days exac tly is going to be difficult.


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Covid Vaccination

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