How Do I Stop Being So Privileged?

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jadedono4 | 11:15 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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I'm an 18 year old girl who just recently got a cat. I've been wanting a cat for ages, and have begged my parents to get me one ever since our last cat died. Our new cat, Navee, is absolutely perfect for our family. Despite me being excited to have a new cat ever since the start, I don't want to keep Navee anymore. He annoys me easily and I become very emotional when it comes to him.

This has made me realised that I'm privileged. I'm a girl who changes her mind easily, and hates it when it doesn't go her way. I feel like my problems are not as bad as everyone elses, so I don't have the right to complain. I hate this. I hate the way I am feeling. I hate that I get so angry at the little things that Navee does.

I've been talking to my mum about how I'm feeling about this, and she just always says that we'll continue to keep Navee. After that when I'm alone, I just cry, and I hate it. How do I stop being so privileged so I can face my problems?


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You sound like a typical 18 year old to me. Take up some hobbies and stop navel gazing
get out and speak to the rough sleepers in your area!
Then the cat can be a learning experience for you. You don't have the privilege of having the cat removed just because you want that, nor the privilege of throwing off responsibility for it. Ultimately you should get to accept life isn't always what you desire at the moment and become more mature for it. You just have to make the effort. A day at a time, or an hour at a time if necessary. But get through the childlike demanding period first. It won't be easy, but it will be rewarding.
I don't know how privileged you are, but you do sound spoiled.
I'm glad your mum is not giving into your whims about the cat.
Though I feel sorry for the cat.
Add to what Bobbi suggested...maybe volunteer with an animal rescue. There are some really sad, abused creatures out there.

Stop worrying. You are young and have a lot of life to experience; work, relationships, travel, ups and downs. Maturity takes a while, some people never manage it. But you'll grow to like yourself and learn how to manage your moods and make yourself genuinely happy.
I dont understand
I think you are going through teenage angst and hopefully as you mature you will feel better. I assume it's because English is not your first language but 'privileged' is definitely not the right word to use here, Pasta's suggestion of spoiled is more correct or maybe self-centred.
PS Most importantly it's not the cat's fault
It is early days if the cat is new - believe me - you will bond - it may take a little more time tho.
for goodness sake give the poor wee animal to someone who can care for it, all animals need a loving home
emmie - think her mother will care for it
but animals have a natural instinct when someone doesn;t like them, care about them. Having had my cat for 16 years i was bereft when it died.
She doesn't say how long she's had the cat, nor what it does that 'annoys' her.
cats, like all animals need our care. I for one wouldn't have another, not because i couldn't love it, i could, but it wouldn;t be fair on the animal to keep it locked up.
no indeed, pasta
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Mine is "locked up" emmie. After God knows how long being a stray, being injured, fending for himself... now he's in the warm with a reliable source of love if's probably what is best for him.
doesn't he go out at all pasta. I feel they need space to roam, i can't offer that being in the flat 4 floors up, my knees won't allow more than a couple of trips up and down.
Knowing the problem is the first step. You are at an age where it's normal not to understand what you really want or need. I think the cat is a symptom not the cause of your problem. You will learn it is not things that are must- haves in your life but family and friends
Jade, you've made the right first step by realising you need to look beyong your own needs and develope - things are hard at the moment but when you can get out and about more take some of the advice given and get involved within your community.

Giving of our time and care can also bring its own rewards.
Get a boyfriend. When you get fed up with him, just dump him and find another. Something which wouldn't be fair with a pet.

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How Do I Stop Being So Privileged?

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