Going Vegan...

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tiggerblue10 | 19:07 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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...for a month to see if it makes a difference in how I feel mood and health wise.

I use almond milk anyway but I've bought loads of dairy free alternatives and I like most meat free burgers, sausages etc. Some supermarkets do packets of grains and pulses with different flavourings such as Mexican which I quite like but it's all making me feel quite bloated.

This is my 2nd day and I would really like to keep going but I'm having trouble with the bloatedness.

Any advice on where I'm going wrong and what I should be doing? Will it settle down eventually?


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I knew what you meant Spath... I dunno what's gone on with a Spinyater... (scouse lover) but do remember this is a thread meant to Encourage our dear friend tiger.
//whats that old boy... try keep up you say... well I never ... How rude!!!//

Apologies, Arksided. I never set out to be rude on AB. It was light hearted but obviously crass. Sorry to have caused offence.
spath - u cd get a bobbit
That's ok NJ.. a bit cheeky but true. No offence taken ;-)
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Crikey, I go away for a bit and the thread descends into....well, actually I'm note sure what it descends to, but..........hahaha ;o)
We love each other really on AB but some of us have bigger Beef than others I guess. Xx
-- answer removed --
oops, I'll keep my (pork) chops shut.
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I've been here long enough to know about 'da beef' ;o)
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Lot of ribbing going on.
"Don't mention Beef!"

I mentioned it (well, goat actually) once and didn't get away with it! :-)
Arksided asks “ 'taking steak from the fridge' who are you posh folk.”

In my case Stripes could eat steak because I DIDN’T - and still don’t. Not eating dead animals is cheaper. (Stripes didn’t care, being a rich cat).
Im too chicken to get onto beef
Go cold Turkey then!
Question Author
And no goosing around ;o)
Just a bit of horse play
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You may continue with the rabbiting though.

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Going Vegan...

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