Going Vegan...

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tiggerblue10 | 19:07 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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...for a month to see if it makes a difference in how I feel mood and health wise.

I use almond milk anyway but I've bought loads of dairy free alternatives and I like most meat free burgers, sausages etc. Some supermarkets do packets of grains and pulses with different flavourings such as Mexican which I quite like but it's all making me feel quite bloated.

This is my 2nd day and I would really like to keep going but I'm having trouble with the bloatedness.

Any advice on where I'm going wrong and what I should be doing? Will it settle down eventually?


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I'm quite happy not to eat alternatives to diary food, NJ, but I do like almond milk in my coffee and with cereals. You may not like the terminology but that's what it's called.

Almond milk is more palatable for me than soya which I find tastes revolting.

I'm guessing the fried cheese was halloumi as it can withstand heat without melting.
“My cat is a meat eater, he'd be asleep upstairs and can smell me taking a steak out the fridge!”

And mine, ummm. Stripes was down by the stream (40+ yards away) and I’d get his steak out of the fridge, and seconds later he’d be nuzzling my back in case I’d forgotten him; I haven’t.

Dietitian matters if it is called milk or cheese?
Does it matter was what I meant
Most of us knew what you meant Tiger... shame that NJ hadn't read your amendment before his post.

However 'taking steak from the fridge' who are you posh folk.
Carnivores have canine teeth to tear & chew meat. Herbivores have level edge teeth for grinding veggies.

Try instant noodles for veg diet
human mouths have evolved too give oral satisfaction though which explains the lack of carnivorous teeth.
with teeth - ouch :(
What do vampires have.
-- answer removed --
You get it tambo lol
xBriannax, if i say blowjobs does it make it a bit clearer?
Does it matter was what I meant

Yes it does, particularly with dairy products as dairy is probably one of the most common allergies around. I don't have a dairy intolerance but cannot eat cheese. I might well be able to eat Vegan "cheese", I don't know. I'm unaware of what it is in normal cheese that affects me. Foodstuffs should be called what they are. It's nonsense - not to mention confusing - to call something made from compressed mushrooms a "steak" (which I saw being made on the same programme I mentioned earlier). I suppose it doesn't matter whether there are people who may not care to eat mushrooms for medical or ethical reasons or that they may be served or sold "milk" made from plants.
"Most of us knew what you meant Tiger... shame that NJ hadn't read your amendment before his post."

The amendment was from Rockrose, not Tiger (sic) and I read it before I posted (as you will see from the capture at the top of my post). Do try to keep up, Arksided! :-)
I scarred my OHs nose when he stuck it in my mouth ;)
Yes, it should be made Clear NJ I agree. False advertising... I'm pleased that you lived to tell the tale.
whats that old boy... try keep up you say... well I never ... How rude!!!
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you can't say it doesn't make sense..
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