Going Vegan...

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tiggerblue10 | 19:07 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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...for a month to see if it makes a difference in how I feel mood and health wise.

I use almond milk anyway but I've bought loads of dairy free alternatives and I like most meat free burgers, sausages etc. Some supermarkets do packets of grains and pulses with different flavourings such as Mexican which I quite like but it's all making me feel quite bloated.

This is my 2nd day and I would really like to keep going but I'm having trouble with the bloatedness.

Any advice on where I'm going wrong and what I should be doing? Will it settle down eventually?


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Don't worry, I'm not throwing anything away :o) Its just food based.
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I know Brian. I did notice the ;-) in your post :o)

I was being sarky.
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What dynamic duo?
This thread actually had me thinking before I ventured through what is the love of Tesco... through the sea of off-school muppets. Anyhow bought some Sausages, hamwhiches, ham, beef lasagne, chicken pies etc... the list goes on but forgot 'smegging' ;-) beefburgers.
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Dynamic duo? Eh! lol

You're making me hungry now, Arky!! Arrgghhh I love sausages so this is going to be hard...lets see if I last a month!
I know you're tougher than you like to let on Tigger... all the best with it. I'd be far too weak to even attempt it.
I wouldn't miss meat but I would miss cheese, milk and eggs.
are they your pets ummm

Lol...that did make me laugh out loud.
My cat is called Ivan and he eats peas!

Fresh Mussels for dinner tonight in a creamy white wine sauce with a little bit of chilli :-)

I couldn't give up seafood either (that's not my pet) :-)
I'm a total Omnivore and always will be... I'm a bit jealous of your cat bless.. him/her. Sounds scrumptious, I forgot Omega3 fish type stuff as well.. but remembered Eggs, Bread, Cheese etc... and for the Veggies Mushrooms.
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I will start introducing fish and seafood when I feel the need to but will try and steer clear of dairy. Tried some vegan cheese and its pretty gross so will do without the alternatives on most things although I like almond milk.

My cat Snoopy loved bread and cheese and would swipe bits of toast off my plate, lol. Still miss him after 20 years :o(

Tigger and Blue never ate anything other than Felix AGAIL and the expensive little tins and trays like Sheba. Would never dream of forcing a cat on a vegan diet though. They're carnivores.
Aww I like the idea of snoopy, although he'd be looking at me wanting and be on his way hunting.

Tigger and Blue seem a bit snobby.

When looking after Bro's pets.. Cats know when its food time, predators circling me, Blossom, Jack, Sab, Caz, Tiger and Brandy... they are smooth with it though. :-/
Lynda Mca——- rosemary veggie sausages delicious and the kids love them
My cat is a meat eater, he'd be asleep upstairs and can smell me taking a steak out the fridge!
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I'd love to be surrounded by kitties ;o)

One day when I eventually move house I will venture back to Battersea or other rescue centre and get 2 more kitties.
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They sound nice Calmak.

Snoopy could do that as well, Ummmm, although it was a newly opened tin of tuna that got him nearly breaking the cat flap to get through!
//Tried some vegan cheese…//

Definition of cheese (from the OED): “A food made from the pressed curds of milk,”

Definition of milk (from the OED): “An opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.”

Almonds don’t give milk; coconuts don’t give milk; soya doesn’t provide milk. Sorry to be a pain but this Vegan and Vegetarian terminology really gets my goat (the young of which are very nice grilled). I nearly came unstuck in a pub in Greenwich a couple of years back. On the lunch menu was “Vegetarian Fish & Chips”. No explanation was provided for this nonsense so I sought one. The “Fish” apparently was a slab of fried cheese. And I am allergic to cheese. Perlease...just call it what it is (though what you would call Vegan "cheese" is anybody’s guess).

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