Not Allowed To Drive??

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Smowball | 10:06 Mon 08th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Some of you might remember that last November, on a flight home from holiday, out of the blue I had a seizure. Never had one in my life before or since. Was taken straight to hospital from airport and kept in overnight. Referal was made to see neurologist and app came thru for January. Get to hospital app in Jan and they say sorry but he’s gone home sick! They sent me a new app - for April!
So last week I went and saw him. Says all MRI tests, everything is absolutely clear. No epilepsy. Only thing he could put it down to was that I’d been very poorly with a bad chest infection for weeks before we flew, and then became ill again on holiday and had to see a doctor whilst abroad.
He then casually says oh and you can’t drive for 6 months from date of seizure.... Sorry?? Why has nobody mentioned this before?? I’ve been driving every day for 5 months!! I can’t do my job without driving - it’s impossible...... so according to him I can’t drive till end of May.
My question is this a recommendation or a legal requirement??
As the hospital didn’t say a word in November, or my doctor when I saw her the week after.....


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You won't be insured.
Question Author
Omg seriously?? But nobody said a word in the previous 5 months!!
I know there is a restriction on driving after any seizure regardless of cause. Do you have a letter from the doctor? Has he told DVLA not sure if he is obliged to.
Insurance could be an issue. Can you go back to your doctor and ask her or the practice manager. The latter should know??
Quick google tell me

"I've had a seizure. Do I need to stop driving?
If you hold a driving licence, and you have a seizure of any kind, you need to stop driving and tell the driving agency. This applies to both full and provisional licence holders. In England, Scotland and Wales you need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). In Northern Ireland you need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).

There are just 2 exceptions to this. You don’t need to tell the driving agency and can keep driving if:

You already hold a driving licence that has been issued on the understanding that you have seizures while asleep and
The seizure you have just had was when you were asleep

You already hold a driving licence that has been issued on the understanding that you only have seizures that don’t affect your consciousness and
The seizure you have just had was the same type"

This is on and even though you don't have epilepsy, the above implies any seizure.

Doc should have told you IMO also.
That is standard procedure. No driving for 6 months after a single, unprovoked seizure.
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Seizure was when I was awake but I have absolutely no memory of it. Hang on letters just arrived from hosp..... 2 ticks....
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Ok it’s a letter from the neurologist and he has also copied my doctor in. It’s a long letter but basically says at top:
1. Single provoked epileptic seizure

1. Patient to stop driving and inform DVLA
. Follow up in 6 weeks in Virtual Clinic.

The fact that you have only just been told about not driving makes a bit of a mockery re now being told to stop and inform DVLA. The issue is your insurance and contacting your provider now to ask their advice could be problematic. Suggest you ask your doctor as she said nothing in November. Good luck
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God this is a nightmare! I won’t be able to do my job..... : (
I suggest you don't drive until the time is up because if you had another attack whilst doing so, the unthinkable could happen. Not worth the risk, you'd never forgive yourself Smow and it's not for very long.
In your case I'd insist on a second opinion - soonest. How can he tell you that the results were clear and no epilepsy and then put it down on your notes as an epileptic seizure?? On top of that if it required you to stop driving you should have been told in the hospital post airport.
Can you take leave of work for a month ?
Not worth the risk, but, a) it was just a recommendation only on your letter, b) with no issue after all this time it doesn't seem likely it will happen in the next 30 days.
Perhaps someone can drive you around for 4 weeks.
Problem is, OG, is that if Smow has even a minor accident the police and insurance company could discover that she shouldn't have been driving - and then the ban will be much longer.

If she had a seizure and injured somebody Smow would never forgive herself.
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Just spoke to Neorologists dept. He’s arranged another MRI in 2 weeks time, but I’m not to drive till end of May.
Fingers crossed all is well, Smow.
// God this is a nightmare! I won’t be able to do my job//

the night mare is the safety element and what happens if you drive fit and have no insurance....

there are rules and the people bound by them are following them. it is irrelevant to this doctor what mrs mopp the practice manager said or didnt say ( but I think you know that), did or didnt do

just pray that the period is from the time of the fit and not the time the doctor was given notice.

and you didnt know if you had a fit you should nt drive
well you do now

the legal requirement is that the doctor has to notify.
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Ok I’ve accepted I can’t drive until 6 months is up, which is 20th May. I’ve just had MRI app thru for 2 weeks time on a Sunday morning at 8am! (I thought it was an MRI I’d had before but it was a CT scan).
Work is going to be nigh on impossible as I deliver all my orders to my customers, so apart from the ones within walking distance, which is only a couple...... but I have no choice. Will just have to put my thinking cap on...
Do you have a friend/ relative who could drive you and you pay them ?
Could you use a delivery service and combine your orders or do you know somebody who could use some extra cash and deliver for you weekly or something
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My MIL just rang - she’s offered to help me thank god!! And my best friend who works full time said she could help me in the evenings, so they may be a way round this yet!

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