Ill For A Month?!

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Scarlett | 23:41 Sat 06th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Just over a month ago I had cold/flu symptoms- headache that didn't budge with paracetamol, cough, congestion behind eyes, sore throat, gravelly voice, exhaustion etc. It drifted on and on and seemed to go a bit, but has returned worse than before. I feel virusy. I am also asthmatic. My cough is now stopping me from sleeping, so much that I can't use my CPAP machine, which I am supposed to be using before I report back next week. I've barely used it due to not being able to breathe through my nose, and the continual coughing. My question is- has anyone else had this, and do I have to just sit it out? My GP gave me some antihistamines which I haven't been able to pick up yet. Anything else I can do?


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Sounds similar to something my wife had, Scarlett. The doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics, took a long time to go away.
yeah it is going around as a variant of this years flu
I have heard over-seventies - - whooping !
It passes around families - another relative and I have been coughing up membranes - flat and also tubey ( technically - cast of a small bronchus)
( I thought one was a tapeworm segment - it wasnt)

if the cough is not productive ( no green spit) then suppress with co codamol

hangs around for weeks - sorry to be so hopeful ....
I had this a few months back, it does drag on but it does go away eventually, once you get past the losing your voice phase you are almost over it
know that one !! takes a while to clear..Manuka honey with a bit of lemon in half a cup of hot water helps the cough and throat
I had it all over Christmas, new year, 5 weeks of Dr being involved with anti biotics etc., I too have asthma and I just couldn't shake off the cough, spent Christmas day in bed all day, seen no one. Don't sit it out
Sounds like what everyone had at Christmas time. It took a month or more for some people to get over it. The doctor told my sister in law its just a viral infection going around and to stay in the warm.
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Thanks all. It hasn't been fluey enough for me to take any time off work etc, and as a result I think I have made it worse by pushing myself. Will try and slow down a bit now!
We had it over Xmas. Not as bad as yours sounds but it took quite a while to shift. I was convinced me and OH kept reinfecting each other but it seems it wasn't the case.

I just mainly had a headache/ear ache but OH had much worse symptoms.

Not quite bad enough to see a doctor though. I'd postpone your appointment until you start to feel better.

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Ill For A Month?!

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