There Is A Boy In Highschool That Slaps My Butt, What Should I Do?

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noname1234 | 17:10 Mon 08th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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i am 16 years old boy and there is a guy in highschool that often comes at me call me gay, trans and usually slaps my butt. I have told him to stop and that i dont like that because i am straight but he didnt stop, what should i do?


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Speak to someone in the Pastoral Care department .
I don't know what the position is in the USA (where I assume you are) but in Europe this is generally a matter that can be reported to the school and action will be taken to protect your assets from unwanted encroachment.
You could always just go straight to knocking him on his back and cut out all the to and fro.
sexual harassment will not be tolerated in a school. Report him to your closest teacher.
Careful Douglas you'll be called a psychopath like me :)
this is covered under 'bullying'
every school like every school has a bullying police

( like you know the poster really is 16 etc)
this is not recommended

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There Is A Boy In Highschool That Slaps My Butt, What Should I Do?

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